Happy One Year anniversary a cup full of hope podcast

Celebrating A Cup Full of Hope Podcast Anniversary!

Happy One Year anniversary a cup full of hope podcast

One year ago, on April 29th, Jessica and I launched our podcast, A Cup Full of Hope! What a journey it has been!

When we first launched our podcast, we had no idea what we were doing. Let’s be honest, we still don’t. But we knew it was what the Lord wanted us to do and He has been so faithful to help us along the way.

We have now released 53 episodes and as of just yesterday hit a big milestone of 100,000 downloads. We have had people listen from 55 different countries in 6 different continents. Amazing right? There is no other explanation besides the favor of God.

I want to take a quick minute to reminisce! Because how this all came to be is quite amazing. Jessica and I met on instagram. Yes, instagram! Out instagram relationship soon turned into a best friend relationship. She has now spoken at all 3 Moms in the Making conference. I have visited her once in South Carolina, we went on a cruise vacation with our husbands and then she came to visit a few months ago in February!

We started talking about launching a podcast back in 2018 and knew that if God wanted us to do it, He would have to provide everything we needed, and He has done just that. He gave us the wisdom on the technical side of how to start a podcast. He brought an assistant to help with Moms in the Making, which allowed me the time to record. He provided the finances to cover the expenses. He brought along an editor and show notes assistant and then He has brought the listeners, 100,000 downloads worth. This podcast is such a testimony of God blessing our obedience, even when we had no idea what we were doing or how all the pieces were going to come together, He did! And He has used our yes to in turn bless men and women from all over the world.

If you are not familiar with our podcast and have no idea what it is about, here is a very high-level snapshot at some of the topics we have covered:

Intros – Episodes 1-3

Foundational Truths – Episodes 4-10

Jesus and Holy Spirit – Episodes 11-17

Our Authority – Episodes 18-22

More Foundational Truths – Episodes 23-32

Adoption, Foster Care, Marriage and Fertility – Episodes 33-35

Vision Casting – Episodes 36-40

Rest – Episodes 41-44

FirstFruits and Finances – Episodes 45-49

I hope if you haven’t listened to any episodes yet, then you choose to do so! You can access it on any podcast app or you can listen through out website here: www.ACupFullofHopePodcast.com. If you have listened I just want to say thank you!

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