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Several months ago I gave Colby access to my calendar. I honestly don’t know what took so long, but now he can know what I am doing at all hours of the day. Which means instead of calling me to touch base, he can first check to see if I am available.

Because he now knows what my day-to-day schedule holds, I was thinking he would no longer ask me on Sunday evenings, “what do you have going on this week” and he wouldn’t ask me every night, “what does your day look like tomorrow?”

I was wrong! What I found is the questions continued to come. A few weeks ago as we were winding down for the night, the question came again, “what is on your agenda tomorrow?”

My first thought was, “don’t you already know?”

Very quickly the Lord nudged me and said, “Caroline, this is what I do with you, I know absolutely every single thing about you. I know the hairs on your head. I know the desires of your heart. I know the areas of pain. I know your struggles and your celebrations. I know everything, but I too desire to have a conversation with you.”

See Colby has no reason to ask me, because he knows what my answers will be. But he does so because he desires conversation with me. He desires to hear my voice and to listen to what I have to say.

Can you imagine if Colby and I never once discussed what went on in our every day life? Can you imagine if it we didn’t have conversations, even if it’s regarding the things that don’t seem very important? Without everyday conversation, our marriage would definitely suffer.

Is it possible for two people to have a relationship without communicating? What about a deep, intimate friendship? The obvious answer is of course, no. If you want to go deeper with Father God then you are going to have to start talking and listening!

I think there are so many things that can, and do, prevent us from talking with Him. The busyness of life is a big one. But if it’s not that and you are believing any lies from the enemy, I also very quickly want to remind you that you don’t have to get your life back in order before talking with Him and you don’t have to hold anything back either. He can take your honesty. He can take the mess you are in. He can handle your pass sin and failures. In fact, those are all the very things He wants you to talk to Him about.

The Father desires intimacy with you. Yes, He knows everything there is to know about you, but He still wants a relationship with you. He wants to hear from you. He wants you to talk to Him. He wants you to be honest and real. He wants you to connect with Him all throughout your day. The very thing He desires is more of you!!

PS. I realize this truth might be obvious to so many, but sometimes we need these simple reminders.

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  • Melissa Forster
    Posted at 08:14h, 18 July Reply

    I can’t say it enough, some of my favorite posts you have written are the ones that Father shows you something in the way that Colby loves you! So sweet! I love this “simple” reminder of how much Father truly loves us! SO good!

  • Marie Cress
    Posted at 11:59h, 18 July Reply

    As I was reading this, DITTO! My dear husband asks me those same questions SO often. I, too, in my lacking-humility way think “Can’t you remember what I am doing?” This is a great reminder of 1) how much our hubbies want to be involved in our lives especially if we have unique things we do daily (like you….. and me) and 2) Father SO MUCH is like that. He LOVES when we dialogue (not just vent) to him. He tells us to ASK, SEEK, KNOCK. and keep on KNOCKING so he can answer the door. THEEE DOOOR he has chosen for us to walk thru. Great reminders, sister! Thanks for sharing this today!

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