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In Due Time Blog - do not miss it

Back in March when the virus and quarantine mandates all began in the US, I wrote a post called “It’s Time to Wake Up.” I also wrote one titled, “What Will Life Look Like After COVID-19?” Even though it’s been months since writing these, the messages behind these posts have been on my mind. Mostly spurred on by the conversations, or perhaps a better word would be arguments, which I have seen take place on social media.

Here we are, 4 months into this difficult season, and yet many Christians are still posting articles and bickering about the same things they were when this virus all started. Out of all the social media posts I have scrolled through, the topic of face masks has been the most common.

Honestly, I think masks have become idols for many. They have been exalted higher than the name of Jesus. The enemy has used them as a distraction. As I said in the post I recently wrote titled, Take Your Mask Off, I believe the masks show prophetically where the church is spiritually today. Hiding behind fear and covering up sin and shame.

And while this post isn’t about masks I do want to remind you of this: Masks are not your Savior. Jesus is.

Although I started with that example, it is not just masks. There are opinions and arguments about a large variety of topics. Do we quarantine or build immunity? Should students be meeting in-person or online? What should churches do? Should restaurants and gyms be open? You name the topic and there is probably a post, article and therefore, an argument about it.

I am afraid we as Christians are missing it.

Do you really think the purpose the Father intended for this season was so that we could bicker over what we think is best?  Do you really think He wants us focusing on pieces of cloth we put over our face more than focusing on Him? What about arguing with strangers and even friends and family? Do you think you will live victoriously in the midst of this season when you are more focused on virus stats than you are God’s Word? Do you think Jesus bore all your sins and sickness on the cross for you to cower back in fear to what the media is telling you?

No! We are missing it! As I wrote in March, it is time to wake up!!! It’s time to turn off the mainstream media and get in the Word! It’s time to stop cowering back in fear and use the authority that it’s been given us to command sickness to flee! It’s time to stop arguing with people trying to prove a point and humble ourselves before others, realizing we don’t have all the answers. It’s time to partner up with what the Father wants to do instead of what the enemy is attempting to do.

Christians, let’s not miss this! Let’s not miss using our voices in this season. If you aren’t going to wake up in a so-called pandemic, what is it going to take? While the sickness is not from God, He will use it for good, but He can’t use it when you are too busy hanging out with the devil!

This might not come across as the most cheerful message, but I can’t sit back and watch my Christian brothers and sisters succumb to the things of this world any longer. We have to wake up! If a virus, which affects the whole world, isn’t going to wake us up, what will? If it’s not going to get Christians off their mat and wholeheartedly running after the Father, then what else is it going to take?

I don’t know what He wants to do in you and through you in this season but I can assure you it’s amazing things! Let’s not miss it! Let’s not miss His voice in this season. Let’s not slumber through all He has. Let’s not succumb to fear and powerlessness. Let’s use the spiritual tools and weapons provided for us and partner up with the Father to thrive through this season.

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