Esther 4:14 – Such a Time as This #130

I have good news for you today! God has amazing plans for you and when you are following Him you can trust that He has you right where He wants you. Esther 4:14 says, “And who knows whether you have not come to the kingdom for such a time as this?”

The context of Esther 4:14 takes place when Mordecai reminds Esther that her faith had to be in God, not in herself or anyone else. The Jews would be destroyed, and she had to face the king, but God was with her through everything she was up against.

God created Esther for that specific time and He had her right where He wanted her. Because Esther made the realization that she has purpose, in the following verses she fasted and then went to make a bold appearance before the King. Just as He did for Esther, recognize that God has an ordained and specific purpose over your life. So much so that the NLT translation of this verse says “you were made queen.” You are God’s queen and part of His royal priesthood!

This verse also reminds me of Romans 11:29 which says, “God’s gifts and God’s call are under full warranty – never canceled, never rescinded.” He has an important and specific call over your life and isn’t going to cancel His plans for you.

You were made for such a time as this. He has made you a queen and has given you all authority you need to face every situation that comes your way. Don’t let the time go wasted, but trust God as you seek Him for wisdom and courage. You were made for TODAY!

For Such A Time As This - In Due Time Blog

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  • Patricia
    Posted at 03:52h, 12 April Reply

    Under full warranty. What perspective that gives! Thank you God!

  • Kristy
    Posted at 06:41h, 12 April Reply

    This is one of my all time favorite verses. I carried it with me during our infertility.

  • Nance
    Posted at 08:36h, 12 April Reply

    Thank you for this great and encouraging reminder! I needed to read this.

  • Rebecca Jo
    Posted at 09:12h, 12 April Reply

    I never tire of the story of Esther… For such a time as this… YES YES YES!
    Thanks for the good news reminder today!
    PS – you look adorable in that sweatshirt & headband 🙂

  • Amie
    Posted at 10:02h, 12 April Reply

    Esther was one of my favorite group studies 🙂

  • Carissa Maul
    Posted at 12:27h, 12 April Reply

    Such a good reminder for me as I start stims tonight…my faith shall remain in God and his plans for me!

  • Mihaela Echols
    Posted at 17:11h, 12 April Reply

    Wow Esthers story is an amazing example for God’s timing! Great post!

  • Jennifer DeFrates/Heaven Not Harvard
    Posted at 18:21h, 12 April Reply

    Great reminder that our challenges may be the very moments we can choose to answer God’s calling for us or miss our moment to see God at work in us.

  • Marissa
    Posted at 19:36h, 12 April Reply

    This is such a great verse – so powerful no matter what life is throwing at us because truly He is with us.

  • Miranda
    Posted at 21:58h, 12 April Reply

    Love the reminder. We are made for the things we go through.

  • Amy
    Posted at 21:58h, 12 April Reply

    I absolutely love this post! You and I are on similar journeys – so doubt is normal. But lately, I feel God has sent me reassurance. One way is reading this! Thank you 🙂

  • María
    Posted at 03:08h, 13 April Reply

    I love that verse! There’s so much promise in it, every time you read it.

  • Andrea
    Posted at 06:44h, 13 April Reply

    Indeed we were born for the time that God has plans for us

  • Leigh
    Posted at 08:11h, 13 April Reply

    I love Esther, and that is one of my favorite verses. It’s comforting to know God has a plan and purpose for our lives and times.

  • Crystal
    Posted at 09:31h, 13 April Reply

    Yes, yes and yes! Our pastor recently spoke on something along the same lines as this. That our suffering is purposeful and perfectly ordained by God. He spoke these words right when I needed to hear them the most. Great post!

  • Anna Harris
    Posted at 15:42h, 13 April Reply

    Great post. Thank you for sharing this today. It is so true that God has a purpose for each and every one of us. It just all has to be in His time when He brings those things about in our life. 🙂

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
    Posted at 17:10h, 13 April Reply

    I love this verse and this reminder. I like the assurance that God has a plan for me – I need to trust more in it though. Sometimes I go off and do my own thing and think – oh yeah… shouldn’t I check in with God about this?! Thankfully He’s full of grace and mercy.

    Thank you for sharing your heart and wisdom here.

  • Katy Kauffman
    Posted at 20:47h, 13 April Reply

    It’s encouraging to remember God has special plans for us and He is with us in them. Thank you!

  • Esther L. R.
    Posted at 17:24h, 14 April Reply

    LOVE This! I was definitely named after a true QUEEN!

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