God is Good

I’ll be honest… sometimes I surprise myself when I realize years have past by without posting on a topic I am so passionate about, like the topic of sovereignty or control.

Today I want to share another one of those topics that I can’t believe I haven’t touched on before. It just so happens to also be one of my core values: God is good.

I have received many questions over the years along the lines of: how do you know God wants you to be a mom? How do you know sickness is not from God? How do you know God isn’t controlling? How do you know God will provide for you?

The list of questions go on and on. Personally, when people are hungry to learn, I love to answer them.

Of course my answers vary, depending on the question received, but every answer is based on the core value I believe, God is good! Which means my theology is based on this truth too.

I didn’t come up with this core value overnight. It has been something that I have come to believe over time.

Just as to understand my personality and character you would have to spend time with me, the same holds true for Father God. As I have spent time with Him, through His Word, conversation and worship, I have built a solid foundation on the core value that He is good.

We see His goodness weaved all throughout scripture, especially in the Gospels, where we read all about Jesus.

If we want to learn more about God and understand His character and nature, we have to first know Jesus because it’s through Jesus that the Father is revealed (Matthew 11:27).

And what do we find out when we look at Jesus? That He too is good!

What I have come to understand over the years of reading God’s Word is God is not just good some of the time, He’s actually perfect all the time. It’s His very nature and His character. It is who He is. It is who His son is. It is who Holy Spirit is. He is good!

Everything I believe has to go back to this core value. If I start to build a theology on anything other than God’s goodness, then I have mistaken His character and identity and have instead been deceived to believe a lie.

But when I stick to the foundational truth? It becomes the very thing that stabilizes me when the distorted theologies and lies come my way. It becomes the filter that I answer every question through.

Do you agree with the core value that God is good? If so, does your theology or everything else you believe line up with the truth too? What other core values have you built as your foundation?

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