God Wants To Have An Encounter With You - In Due Time Blog

God Wants to Have an Encounter With You

God Wants To Have An Encounter With You - In Due Time Blog

Schools are closed. Events have been canceled. Churches have moved online. And unless you are one of the few still going into work, you are probably at home.

As I have also found myself at home, in the middle of several uncomfortable and unusual weeks, all I keep hearing from Father God is “I want to encounter my people.”

God wants to have an encounter with YOU! And there is no more perfect place or time, then when you are quarantined at home.

Often times, we wait for a Sunday morning service or a weekend Christian conference to encounter Him. But the beautiful thing about all of this, is those aren’t options any longer. I don’t think forcing us into our homes is a bad thing. I actually believe it’s a setup; an invitation for so much more.

Jacob was given an opportunity too, but there is something we can learn from him, because he missed it.

In Genesis 28, Jacob fled to Laban and when he stopped for the night, he had a dream where God spoke to him. The scripture in Genesis 28:16, following the dream, says this, “When Jacob woke from his dream, he said, ‘Yahweh is here! He is in this place and I didn’t realize it!'”

“I didn’t even realize it.”

How easy would it be to let the next several days/weeks/months pass by without even realizing that Yahweh is with you? How easy would it be to not even realize He is in your home?

God wants to have an encounter with you. In your bedroom, living room, kitchen or bathroom. He doesn’t need a full worship band. He isn’t looking for you to respond to a preacher’s sermon. What He wants is you to accept His invitation for an encounter with Him.

The footnote for this verse says: “Ordinary places can become holy places.” I believe God wants to turn your home into the most holy place. But, He can’t do this without your cooperation.

He’s inviting you into an encounter with Him. But first, you have to turn your eyes to Him. I don’t know what that looks like for you and that is between you and Him but most likely it will include turning off the news and perhaps your phone too. It will probably also require setting aside time to spend in His Word and worship.

Don’t wait until life is back to normal to encounter Him. Don’t wait for a pastor or band to lead the way. Father is ready for you now! Don’t miss the encounters He wants to have with you.

When this quarantine comes to an end, because it will, will you be thinking “I didn’t even realize Yahweh was here” or “I am so grateful for the encounters I had with Yaheweh?” The choice is yours!

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