Happy 10th Birthday Moms in the Making!

Today is Moms in the Making’s 10th birthday! If you are new to this space, Moms in the Making is a faith-based Christian infertility support group.

What started as a group of just 6 women in my living room in Dallas, TX back in 2013 has now expanded to 80+ groups across the US, Canada, Mexico and the Netherlands. I for sure had no idea what saying “yes” back on June 5, 2013 would lead to. 

Today we are celebrate 10 years of God’s faithfulness!

10 years of women encountering the Lord

10 years of God healing hearts

10 years of babies born to once barren wombs

10 years of friendships forming

10 years of lives changed

10 years of hopelessness being exchange for hope

Today we celebrate all God has done over the 10 years! 

If you are trying to grow your family, I hope you get plugged into Moms in the Making today! No matter where you are in your journey or where you live, there is support for you. 

I thought I would share a ton of photos from the past 10 years.. starting with the very first days leading up to photos from recently!



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