Hope During the Holidays


When we think of hope, we often associate it with the fulfillment of our long-awaited prayers.
However, as Believers, we must approach the topic of hope different. Biblical hope does not mirror the hope offered by the world, and it is not contingent upon answered prayers or the absence of adversity.
In fact, the very reason we can have hope is because of the birth of Christ. Isn’t it interesting that hope is often the very area that the enemy tries to attack, especially during the holidays.
I think we can all agree… Jesus is the reason for the season, yes?
Not only is He the reason for the season, Jesus is also the reason you can have hope during the season.
The birth of Jesus represents the hope that we have been waiting for. He came to bring light into the darkness of our lives and to show us the way towards salvation. Christ’s birth is a reminder that no matter what our situation or circumstances, there is always reason to have hope.
I want to encourage you that hope is not the absence of problems, it’s not the presence of a baby in your arms — but it is the presence of a person, and His name is Jesus!
So as we approach the holidays, let us hold onto the hope that only Jesus can give and not let the enemy steal it away from us. Let us remember that Jesus is not only the reason for the season, but He is the reason we can have hope through the holiday season.
PS. For those who are grieving bad news, a recent loss, a disappointment or anything else, we grieve with you. I also want to remind you that because of Jesus – you too can have hope as you grieve!

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