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Is Your Receiver On?

I have had many problems with my blog lately. At one point I thought I lost everything and thankfully what I thought was lost, was recovered but I am still trying to re-build everything. Last week I faced another problem and once again it took much time. I don’t know about you, but I hate wasting time. I feel like every minute is so valuable and too precious to waste.

I found myself frustrated and what should have taken not more than 5 second took 2 hours. By 11 pm I had a short fuse. Colby tried to talk to me and sit next to me but I was just not having it. I was so focused on my computer that I didn’t say much to him.

The next morning Colby was so sad. “You didn’t let me love you last night. Your love receiver was turned off.” 

So my question for you: is your receiver turned on? God can’t love you when you act like I did when Colby tried to love me. I wasn’t interested. I didn’t have time. I was too focused on my own problems to look up and pay attention to him.

And how often am I the same way with my Heavenly Father? How often am I too busy or too stressed out or too focused that I don’t position myself to receive love from God?

You know, so often I think Christians feel like God is so far away, but can I just throw this out there: if you have ever felt like God is far away, it’s not him, but it’s you! He is as near to you as your breathe. He doesn’t ever leave or forsake you.

So is your receiver on? Have you positioned yourself to receive love from him? Have you positioned yourself to hear from him? Practically, do you take time out of your day to spend time with him or are you too busy doing other things? Do you spend time in the Word? Do you spend time meditating in prayer?

There is no better feeling than allowing the Father to smother you with love. Don’t miss out because you are too busy or too stressed to receive all he has to give. The reality is that it isn’t just his love, but so much more! If you want to receive all that your Father has to give to you, share with your or speak to you, you first have to turn your receiver on!

Is Your Receiver On - In Due Time Blog

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  • Cammy Lovoy
    Posted at 12:05h, 09 May Reply

    Wow – thank you for this! Great reminder!

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