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It’s Not God’s Fault

It's Not God's Fault In Due Time Blog

“Why didn’t God do something about it?”
“It’s all God’s fault.”
“Why did God allow that to happen?”
“I am so mad at God for what He did.”

Do any of these questions or phrases sound familiar? They are often used among Christian circles. Just the other day I saw a pastor share one of them on his instagram feed.

We are so quick to blame God for what He didn’t do. We think that if something bad happens, then it is God’s fault. But what I want to quickly remind you of today is the awful things you are blaming God for are not His fault.

I get why people blame Him. Why not? It’s very easy to do. I think a lot of this stems from the belief system that He is sovereign and therefore controlling, neither of which are true. Both of these beliefs lead to the unhealthy idea that everything that happens is for a reason which means if something bad happens then He caused it.

Another lie people believe which leads to blaming Him is the lie that everything that happens is God’s will. The truth is God’s will doesn’t automatically come to pass. Which means not everything that happens is part of God’s will either. For example, a miscarriage, as devastating as it is, is not God’s will. But it would be easy as a recipient of one, to blame God, right? However, when our theology is corrected, we can then realize that in fact miscarriages are not God’s fault.

I also think people blame God because it is easier to do so than to take responsibility. I mean why act as a victor when you could be a victim and blame someone else, right?

But blaming God for bad things doesn’t line up with His nature and character that God is good! As I shared in this post, everything we believe should be based on this truth.

I will never stop sharing John 10:10 and once again it’s the perfect verse for this topic because it so clearly identifies who is good and who is bad. Just as John 10:10 says, it’s the enemy that comes to kill, steal and destroy and it’s God who has come to bring abundant life. Yet we still blame God for things He didn’t do, even though scripture is so clear on who causes death and destruction.

I truly believe it’s time for us as Christians to stop blaming God for what He was never guilty of. For the most part, this won’t happen overnight. It first starts with getting your heart healed. And then meditating on verses like John 10:10, which will help you understand that good things come from God and bad things come from the enemy.

So have you blamed God for the bad in your life? Maybe someone had a tragic accident and you blamed Him? Or you didn’t see your prayer get answered how you wanted? If you don’t take away anything else from this blog post, you must know, it’s not God’s fault! He is a good God who has good things in store for you. Not only does He have good things, but He has abundant things! He is the giver of life and every good thing is from Him!

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  • Lindsay Tankersley
    Posted at 12:37h, 21 February Reply

    I’ve often gone through this where I’ll say things like “God, you see this happening….why aren’t you stepping in to do anything? Do you WANT me to live like this? I thought you loved me, why are you letting me continue on this way?”
    OUCH! It’s taken me some time to remember that this is not the case and I can’t treat Him that way. You’re right it IS way easier to blame him, but we know the enemy is Satan. You said it perfectly in the past…if our earthly parent did any of these things…would we want to associate w/ them? Probably not! So why would we want to associate w/ our heavenly father who would do these things? I know I don’t! People tend to forget free will and sin…they both exist and because of that…bad things happen!

    Thanks for posting! Praying others can hear and receive this message! 🙂

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