John 8:12 Light of Life #161

I like halloween, a lot. I love seeing the little kids all dressed up and on occasion I like dressing up myself.

However, over the years, I have also realized what a dark day it can be. As Colby and I go on runs or walks around the neighborhood, we are always so surprised with how many people go all out with their decor. It’s dark. Really dark. I could be wrong, but it seems more people decorate for halloween than Christmas.

John 8:12 says, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.” I am so thankful that Jesus is light. He is life. Think about a dark room. If you were to turn on a dimmed light, it would outshine all the darkness right? That is what Jesus does. Any glimpse of him outshines all darkness.

In the middle of what can be a dark day, and in the middle of what has been a dark election, Jesus is still the light of the world. Those who follow him “will never walk in darkness.” Instead they will have “the light of life.”

When you follow God, you will never have to walk in darkness again. Don’t let the distractions of the world or what is going on around you keep you from focusing on the truth which is LIGHT and LIFE!

John 8:12

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  • Stacia
    Posted at 09:38h, 31 October Reply

    It is sad how deeply dark some people take it. I love Halloween, but I like the whimsically dark not the evil, gory things that a lot of people seem to glorify. It’s not an easy balance to find and definitely something that requires us to lean close to the Lord while we figure out how to have fun without celebrating evil.

  • Rebecca Jo
    Posted at 11:17h, 31 October Reply

    it really is crazy how dark & yucky some decorations can be. I love all the ‘fun’ halloween decoratoins. Give me some Casper every time 🙂

  • Amber
    Posted at 11:38h, 31 October Reply

    It’s so neat that you shared this post today on being a light. This morning after my quiet time, I was singing the lyrics: “We are the light of the world, we are a city on a hill. Let your light shine, let your light shine.” Blessings to you, Caroline!

  • Kay
    Posted at 21:01h, 31 October Reply

    I’ve always been against halloween for that reason. It reminds me of the verse, what does light have to do with the dark?

  • Scott LaPierre
    Posted at 23:06h, 31 October Reply

    I think for the reason you mentioned – that Halloween is so “dark” – Christians avoid it. While some people might dress in harmless costumes, when a celebration is characterized by such darkness, it’s hard to reconcile Christian involvement in it.

    Posted at 07:38h, 01 November Reply

    Luckily that’s not the case where I am. Halloween decorations are more sparse as the years ago by. If anything I bet I’ll see Christmas decorations up today. No joke!

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