Making the impossible possible

Luke 1:37 – Nothing is impossible with God

This verse is the response of the angel Gabriel when asked by Mary, the mother of Jesus, how she was going to have a child since she was a virgin. The birth of Jesus to a virgin is a miracle that many people find hard to believe.

This verse is such a good reminder that God is so much higher and bigger than our problem. And, that to Him, NOTHING is impossible.

This verse came to mind yesterday at church when we sang the exact song I had put lyrics to below (Healer). A friend came up to me after and we cried together (thankful for friends who cry with me :)) and she reminded me of the lyrics in the song, “Nothing is impossible for God”. How refreshing! This has been on repeat on my itunes every since that morning.

Also what was brought to my mind is Matthew 19:25 – “But Jesus looked at them and said, with men this is impossible, but all things are possible with God.” Colby and I know we have a challenge before us, but even though a lot of statistics around us say it’s impossible we know that God isn’t the author of those limits. Believing in Him, we know that He is capable of making the impossible possible.

So hopeful we serve a God who is capable of ANYTHING!

Healer by Kari Jobe

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