Memory Monday – Week 94

Colby and I aren’t the best gardeners. We don’t have the knowledge and it’s not on the top of our priority list, so we haven’t invested the time or money to make the lawn and landscape looks nice. We feel like we can relate to Isaiah 40:8 which says, “The grass withers and the flowers fade, but the word of our God stands forever.”  

In the preceding verses, Isaiah 40:6-7, people are compared to grass and flowers. As Colby and I have learned very quickly in a physical sense, grass and flowers will wither and fade away. But, The word of God stands forever. Not the word of men, doctors, books, google, friends, co-workers. All of those are just like grass and flowers and will wither and fade as well. While they might last for a time period, they will not be sustained.

The word of the Lord is a solid rock. Isn’t it amazing to think of all it has endured over thousands of years? It has withstood being passed on from generation to generation, church to church and it’s still the same. It’s faced doubts, criticism, neglect, persecution, but it has never changed. God’s word is the same yesterday, today, and forever. What God says He will do will come to pass. Put your hope in Him and His word, the one thing that remains the same.

Memory Monday - Week 94



  • Jessy
    Posted at 08:43h, 04 May Reply

    I find the fact that those words in the Bible was written so long ago, and they still apply fascinating!

  • Cheryl Smith
    Posted at 09:07h, 04 May Reply

    YES, praise His name! His Word will never change, regardless of the times we live in, what is politically correct, who is or is not offended, or how the enemy tries to sabotage It….God’s Word remains…the one constant we can depend and build our lives upon. His promises are “yea and amen” to them that believe. He has proven His faithfulness over and over to me throughout the years, and it is such a comfort to know He and His precious Word will always remain…forever. Thank you for this encouraging post!

  • Tomato
    Posted at 15:34h, 04 May Reply

    Hahaha, I’m there with you on the gardening. I feel like my plants survive better when I’m not trying to take care of them. But I love the tie in with scripture, beautiful!

  • fin
    Posted at 22:03h, 04 May Reply

    It definitely is incredible to know that the same word has been spoken and read for so long. It’s really mind blowing to think about how it’s gone through generations after generations! Love this 🙂

  • ellesees
    Posted at 06:19h, 05 May Reply

    so true! on solid rock i stand all other ground is sinking sand!

  • Jaclyn
    Posted at 16:26h, 05 May Reply

    Haha – I like that reason for not being master gardeners. I know lately when all else fails, I think of His Word and how scripture says to stand on it. That’s it. No dissecting, running around like your hairy is on fire or blabbing it to everyone that cares to listen about our scripture knowledge…just to stand. And when we do, we see the other “sinking sands” and cling more tightly to that word that NEVER changes!!!! Glad we’re on the same page ☺️

  • Kelli @ A Deeper Joy
    Posted at 20:30h, 05 May Reply

    Amen! Now I just need to spend more time in it 🙂

  • Jennifer | The Deliberate Mom
    Posted at 18:42h, 06 May Reply

    YES! It’s totally and completely amazing how the word of God has passed through so many generations and stands the test of time!

    Wonderful scripture my friend.

    Thanks for sharing.

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