My 9th Triathlon

My 9th Triathlon

My 9th Triathlon

I competed in my 9th, and quite possibly my worst triathlon this past Sunday. The only reason it was the worst is because it was the worst I have ever done. I placed 6th in my age group which was by far my lowest placement and I had my slowest 5K, ever. Double whammy.

This race was another race with Playtri which means now 8 out of the 9 I have done have been with their company. I love that they offer one at least every month. There was no swag bag again, but they did give a medal, unlike the last race I did, which didn’t. Even though I must say the medals they offer aren’t nearly as good as they used to be. This was also the first race that I didn’t get a chiropractor adjustment after, which is usually what I look forward to the most. Anyway, overall they put on a great race, which is obvious since this is my 8th one.

The morning started off when Colby told me around 5:30 am that my bike had a flat tire, neither of us knowing how to change it, we moved as fast as we could and got to the race site where I asked some gentleman to help and he agreed. Thankfully it was super easy and turned out to be no big deal.

Overall it was a beautiful morning and although hot, was really pretty nice weather. I was excited about a new course as this was my first time to do this race. The race started out with a 500m open water swim, which for the most part went well. It was my first open water swim of the year and unlike all the other open water swims I have done, this one started as a time trial, meaning just two people started at a time, which was so much better than the mass wave start that I am used to. I felt like I stayed on course the majority of the time, but towards the end I definitely ran into the outskirts of the pond. I am pretty sure a volunteer was yelling at me, but I know I hit the ground before hearing him. Veering off course sure didn’t help my time, but I still managed to make the top 15% of all swimmers at the event, so as always, that was by far my best leg of the race. 

My 9th Triathlon My 9th Triathlon My 9th Triathlon

The bike was one 11 mile loop. I’ve said this before and I will say this again, I have got to get a new bike! I was so uncomfortable by mile 3 and everyone was flying past me on their tri bikes. The ride went on what felt like forever and the wind was so bad I felt like I was barely moving. I’m always so glad when the bike portion is over and Sunday morning was no different. I was just so thankful we found out about the tire before the race and not during.

My 9th Triathlon

My stomach was really hurting at this point, but I pushed through the run, knowing that I would have to run very slow. My time sure did show for it and I was shocked with just how slow I ran, but I felt if I were to run any faster I would have vomited. Bleh. The run was a 5K out and back, which I think is so much better than a loop because you get to see other people on the course, which makes it more motivating. I wore my new shoes that I mentioned last week and had no foot pain, so that was a plus. But clearly they did not make me go any faster.


I was so glad to be finished. So so so glad. I had to lay down for a few minutes after because I was feeling so crummy, but I am not sure what I expected as just the week before I wasn’t able to run over 2 miles without quitting so I shouldn’t be too surprised with how poor I did. Anyway, I was just so relieved when it was over. Finishing is really one of the best feelings, ever!

My 9th Triathlon



I was provided complimentary race entry as compensation for this blog post. As always, all opinions are my own and I have given honest feedback on the race and course. This post contains affiliate links

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  • Rebecca Jo
    Posted at 09:55h, 13 June Reply

    NOOO – nope… sorry, doing a tri – they need bigger medals than that 😉
    Bless your heart with your belly. That’s miserable feeling bad on course.
    I think you totally deserve a new bike. I mean, I would have called it with the flat. “Cut the race, we’re going to get a new bike right now – its a flat tire!!!” 😉

  • Lynn
    Posted at 13:11h, 13 June Reply

    Great job! I am competing in my first spring tri this weekend (500M swim, 15 mile bike, 5K.) Any beginners tips? I am most worried for the open water swim, as I have only practiced swimming in a pool.

  • Kelli {A Deeper Joy}
    Posted at 13:14h, 13 June Reply

    Great job, Caroline! I’m so sorry that your stomach was hurting and you felt crummy. I still think you were awesome!

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