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My Confidence is your Faithfulness

I love listening to worship and most days I have it on all throughout the day. Isn’t it amazing how you can listen to or read something over and over and on the 100th time you listen to it or read it, it speaks to you a whole different way?

That happened at a worship night that Colby and I recently attended. We went to go hear Housefires, which was amazing! They were singing yes and amen, a song I have listened to over and over and actually have previously shared about here. But as we were singing, this lyric, “I will rest In your promises, My confidence Is your faithfulness” spoke so strongly to me. It was as if I had never heard it before.

A lyric that describes our journey oh so well. I love that Colby and I get to walk in complete confidence in our journey to becoming parents. There are no “if’s” or “buts.” We get to rest in the promises of God and our confidence is because of his faithfulness. Truly, we have been able to rest in all of his promises. I can say that when you are on a journey of 5+ years, as we are, rest is a gift that can only come from him. And it has come so easily to us because we understand who he is. He is the same yesterday, today and forever and he is the same faithful God now that he was last year and the year before that and the year before that. Not only that, but he’s the same faithful God now as he was from Genesis to Revelations. Isn’t it amazing that he never changes?

Whatever you are waiting for you, I hope you find confidence in the promises of God. I hope you know that his word never returns null or void and what he has spoken, he will do. He is faithful to perform everything he has promised. There is no need to strive or work towards what he has already promised, so instead rest and wait confidently for what is to come!

My Confidence in Your Faithfulness - Housefires - In Due Time Blog

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  • Kristy
    Posted at 08:15h, 17 March Reply

    This is so timely. My heart needed this today. Also, my group is looking into a way we can possibly go to the conference! One of the ladies has family with a large house we could probably use to stay in. I can’t wait to get more details so that we can see what we can do!

  • Rebecca Jo
    Posted at 12:22h, 17 March Reply

    I love when that happens. I heard a sermon on The Prodigal Son – that come on – we’ve all heard 1000 times – but just recently heard it from a new perspective that was so eye opening, it was wonderful. The Word of God still speaks <3

  • Elle sees
    Posted at 06:16h, 20 March Reply

    ‘”resting on the promises of God…” love that.

  • Patricia
    Posted at 10:41h, 25 March Reply

    I love this reminder!! We need to go to a night of worship together. Yes and Amen!!!

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