Pray Your Friends Receive the Breakthrough You Desire

The book of Job is typically not the first place people turn in the Bible, however, there are so many lessons to be learned throughout it, many of those I still need to learn myself. Job was a man who endured a lot of pain, way more than any of us ever will. He lost his wife, his children, his animals and his land; he had nothing left. And if that wasn’t bad enough, he had to deal with being criticized from his friends as to why he must have lost everything.

Job 42:10 says, “So the LORD restored what Job had lost after he prayed for his friends, and the LORD doubled all that had belonged to Job.”  Job’s friends had wrongly assumed that Job’s suffering was caused by sin. But you know what Job did, even though his friends hurt him? He turned around and prayed for the very three people who criticized him. Can you imagine how hard that must have been for him, praying for the very people who hurt him?

It’s amazing to read what happened after Job prayed for his friends, “The Lord restored what Job had lost” and “the LORD doubled all that had belonged to Job.”  Not only did the Lord restore what had been taken from Job, both spiritually and materially, but he blessed him with a double portion too. Those who persist in trusting God will be rewarded, someway and somehow.

The verse continues to get better because verse 12 says, “the Lord blessed the latter part of Job’s life more than the first.” Job’s family met him at his house, which I imagine would be like a modern day reunion, to bring him silver and gold, and he also ended up with fourteen thousand sheep, six thousand camels, a thousand yoke of oxen and a thousand donkeys, seven sons and three daughters. And on top of that, he got to see up to 4 generations.

Before I wrap up with this scripture, there is one last thing that I noticed about the book of Job. Chapter 42, the chapter where the Lord restores a double portion, is the very last chapter. There are 41 chapters of trials and heartache, but God rewrote Job’s story, probably way better than Job could have ever hoped or dreamed. He wants to do the same thing for you. It might feel like you will never get there, but keep praying and believing and soon enough the page will turn and you will enter your restoration stage.

There are so many takeaways from the life of Job and specifically Chapter 42, but most importantly, I believe that just like Job you should pray for those who hurt you and pray for those to receive the breakthrough you desire. And what happens when you do? You will receive your breakthrough too. I pray for people to get pregnant all the time. Why? Because it’s the very thing I want. When I believe that someone else will receive their breakthrough then it takes the focus off of me and my problems. Not only do I get to be a part of their story when they receive their breakthrough, but it sets me up to receive my breakthrough too. Just as Job did, you are setting yourself up to receive your blessing and breakthrough when you release the very thing you desire in prayer over someone else.

So what is it that you desire? Do you want a husband? Find those who are believing for a husband and pray for them. Do you want to be debt-free? Find those who have the same desire and pray for them. Do you want a baby? Find those who want a baby and pray for them. And what about the person who has criticized you? Pray over them too! Release prayer over those you know who want the same thing that you do. And then, expect and believe God will answer. And when he does? Celebrate!

God wants to restore a double portion to everything that the enemy has tried to steal. That restoration will look different for everyone, but not only will God restore what was stolen, he will also give you more than you can ask or imagine. Your chapter 42 is coming but in the meantime, keep praying others receive breakthrough for the very thing you desire too!

Pray your friends receive the breakthough you desire

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  • Amanda Bumgarner
    Posted at 08:27h, 19 May Reply

    It can be easy to become jealous of others when they get what we want or have what we want, and praying for them helps change our minds and our hearts also. Thanks for the reminder 😉

  • Dawn Running
    Posted at 09:59h, 19 May Reply

    Fantastic post and reminder, Caroline! I especially needed to be reminded to pray for those that criticize me. It’s so easy to just turn and vent about it instead of praying about it.

  • Nicole
    Posted at 10:45h, 19 May Reply

    I love this, Caroline. I am still waiting for a complete breakthrough from my OCD – but EVERY SINGLE day I pray more for YOUR breakthrough of having a baby, than mine. I want to see you, my beautiful friend, finally get what your faithful and obedient heart desires!! And I CANNOT wait to celebrate with you when it happens!!!!

  • Peggy
    Posted at 14:51h, 19 May Reply

    I see the chapters 38-41 as God bringing Job to a solid understanding of Himself. Then Job’s response, “now my eye sees You, therefore I despise myself, and repent…”
    When thoroughly humbled before Him, our desire/ability to pray for others is more intense & necessary.

  • Andrea
    Posted at 17:15h, 19 May Reply

    Well God is the God who rewards faithfulness back in His people!

  • Amanda
    Posted at 19:05h, 19 May Reply

    This can be hard, but so worth it. I never thought about it this way – thank you for sharing.

  • Andrea
    Posted at 19:46h, 22 May Reply

    I receive that in Jesus’ name – for me and for all those who need prayer!

  • Lo @ Mrs. Lo Tanner
    Posted at 01:53h, 24 May Reply

    WOW! I don’t know how I missed that verse in Job! I’m glad I came across this post today. I deeply needed this reminder/encouragement.

  • Alexis W
    Posted at 18:42h, 31 May Reply

    This is SO good.

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