Prayers to Declare this Mother’s Day

Mother’s Day can bring a wide variety of emotions – grief, pain, loneliness, expectation, celebration, rejoicing and more. Which is why I put together prayers for you to declare this Mother’s Day. Check out which prayer you need and then save it for a time when you can get alone with the Father and declare it out Loud.

Be encouraged that no matter what this Mother’s Day brings, the Lord will meet you right where you are at and bring His comfort and love.

1 – Prayer for the women who recently experienced a loss – Lord, I thank you that you are near to the brokenhearted and save those who are crushed in spirit. I ask that your tangible peace would surround me as I grieve. Thank you for meeting me right where I am and catching every tear I cry. I thank you Lord that when things look dark, I can still have hope because of you. I break off all trauma I have endured and pray protection over my mind, heart and body. I praise you that you are my solid rock in the middle of the storm and you calm the waves around me. Lord, thank you for your wisdom and support as you show me how to grieve with hope. I praise you that you never leave me or forsake me and you are with me during the healing journey. Amen

2 – A Prayer for the woman who desires to be a mom – Lord, I thank you that although my circumstances might not dictate it, in Christ Jesus I am fruitful and fertile. I call forth life into my womb in Jesus’ name. I cast out all infertility and command it to be gone. I declare the enemy cannot steal from me any longer. I break all agreements I have made with him through the words I have spoken. I partner up with your Word which says you make the barren woman fruitful. Lord, I praise you that children are your idea. I believe you are bigger than any diagnosis I have received and believe that your Word has the final report. Thank you that nothing is impossible with you! In faith, I praise you in advance for expanding my family. Amen

3 – Prayer for the woman who is Pregnant – Lord, I praise you for the gift of life in my womb. Thank you for blessing me with this baby. I thank you that this pregnancy will be completely protected and there would be no miscarriage or attacks against my womb. I close any door to the enemy where I unknowingly invited him in and declare that no weapon formed against me will prosper, in Jesus name. I command all fear to leave in Jesus name and I call forth peace to reign over my mind and body for the remainder of my pregnancy. I agree with all of Heaven for life over my womb and I thank you in advance for carrying my baby to full term in my belly. I ask for peaceful doctors appointments and a smooth delivery. Amen.

4 – Prayer for the Woman who is grieving and hurting – Lord, I thank you that you are near to me as I grieve. I invite you into the grieving process and thank you that I am not alone. Lord please heal any areas of my heart that are full of disappointment, sadness, anger, pain and confusion. Lord, I ask for your help and grace as I navigate today and the days ahead. I thank you for your Word, which gives me life and reminds me that I can have hope, joy and peace, even in the midst of grief and loss. I ask that you would exchange the heaviness and mourning I have experienced and replace it with joy. I trust that you are with me in my grief and pain. Overflow me with your wisdom and support as you show me how to grieve with hope. I call forth healing, redemption and restoration to every aspect of my life. Amen

5 – A pray for the woman who is celebrating motherhood – Lord, I thank you so much for the gift of motherhood. I thank you for your supernatural wisdom and grace that guides me as I mother. I cancel every demonic assignment from the enemy against my identity as a mom or against my family and children. I thank you that you have called me to mother for such a time as this and in when I partner up with your Holy Spirit, I am fully equipped to do so. Thank you for revelation and blueprints from Heaven to help me boldly make decisions that are best for my family. I break off any guilt, shame or doubt and break free from any lies the enemy has tried to send my way. Thank you Lord that you are my protector, provider and guide and you are with me every hour of the day. I ask for a renewal of strength and energy in this next season. Amen!

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