it is better to put trust in the Lord that to put confidence in man

Psalm 118:8 Trust in the Lord #212

If someone were to ask you who you put your trust in, what would you say? Your doctor? Google? Your boss? Your horoscope? The latest news report?

Over and over in scripture, God addresses the importance of putting your trust in him. Psalm 118:8 saysIt is better to trust in the Lord than to put confidence in man.” Some translations of this verse say it is better to “take refuge in the Lord” or “take shelter in the Lord.”

The reality is that many people, inluding believers, are putting their confidence in man, meaning they are choosing to rely on man instead of God.

Over and over I hear people say things like “well the doctor said it will never happen.” Have you ever spoken similar words? Maybe it’s not a doctor and it’s someone or something else. Whatever it is don’t you think the creator of the earth, the one person who holds the world together deserves your confidence over man?

To place your trust in the Lord includes trusting him with every aspect of your life, not just fragments or segments. It doesn’t matter what your parents told you, what your friend told you, what your boss told you, or what the random stranger told you – you are to trust in God and his word.

Instead of reflecting on what you were told by man, I hope this verse gives you encouragement to seek God’s Word. I hope you are reminded to take shelter in the Lord Almighty; after all, he is the only One who you can rely on that won’t let you down.  it is better to put trust in the Lord that to put confidence in man

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  • Lindsay Tankersley
    Posted at 08:35h, 31 January Reply

    It is so hard to trust sometimes because we don’t see that instant gratification. And if you’re a control freak like me, it’s even harder. I am at a point in grieving where I want to give up hope and I have had those thoughts of “maybe motherhood isn’t for me”, but I know that is completely WRONG!! The Lord says that I WILL be a mother. I know I can’t control when it’ll happen, that’s the point of trusting HIM. Really trying to turn my heart that way! 🙂

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