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Psalm 126:6 Harvest of Joy #193

Have you ever planted anything in your backyard? If you have, have you ever wept during the process? The answer is probably not. So why does Psalm 126:6 say, “They weep as they go to plant their seed, but they sing as they return with the harvest.”  Well first I want to point out Psalm 126:5 which says, “Those who sow with tears will reap with songs of joy.”

The harvest can not come without first sowing and often the sowing is met with tears of desperation. Despite any tears of frustration or exhaustion or desperation one might feel, they must still plant their seed if they want the harvest right? The same holds true for you. To receive your harvest takes a lot of work. It takes work that sometimes looks dry and barren. It takes physical, spiritual and emotional work and that work can often cause tears. But the work still needs to be done. The sowing must happen.

The beautiful thing about a person who still decides to plant their seed, even if they weep through the whole planting process? God will restore to them a harvest. I love that this verse says, “they go out, but return.”  Think of that process. You go out to the grocery, but you return with food. You go out to church, but you return with hope. You go out to the mailbox, but you return with your mail. Any of these take time, effort and money, but you return with something! Just as it is inevitable that plants will grow out of seeds when sowed, God can use any tears from you and turn them into a harvest of joy. Don’t let your drought devastate you, because God can restore it. No matter how dry or desolate your season might look or feel, keep sowing. Keep planting. And soon? Your sadness will be turned into joy as you receive your harvest. God’s so good that he not only restores to you a harvest, but that harvest is so good that it brings joy along with it. He brings physical healing and emotional healing too.

Keep moving forward, because you will return with something. Your harvest of joy will come! Don’t let your tears go to waste, but instead use them to water the harvest that you are believing for. God will restore his fortunes to you.

They Weep as they go to plant their seed - in due time blog

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