your word brings me hope psalm 130

Psalm 130:5 Word Brings Hope #218

It’s obvious that waiting is something I am passionate about as many of my posts are on this topic. Not only that, but all throughout the Bible, scripture encourages us to wait with expectancy, yet we live in a culture where we get frustrated when we have to wait an extra 30 minutes when our flight is delayed or an extra two minutes when the traffic light turns red.

Psalm 130:5 is short and sweet and address the topic of waiting. The Passion Translation says This is why I wait upon you, expecting your breakthrough, for your word brings me hope.”  Psalm 130 starts out with the Psalmist crying out in the depths of despair. The verse that precedes verse 5 says, But your forgiving love is what makes you so wonderful.” 

Just as verse 4 says, you are able to enter a relationship with God because he has forgiven your sins and adopted you as his. And if you decide to enter a relationship with him, you can wait on him, expecting breakthrough. Notice this verse doesn’t call you to wait upon doctors, a friend, a spouse, etc. It also doesn’t say that any of those same things are what will bring you hope.

God is the only one you should be waiting on. He is the only one that can bring your breakthrough and his Word is the only thing that can bring you hope. Not doctors, not a family member, not Google, but God and God alone.

The truth is when you wait or put your hope in anything but God, you will be disappointed. However, hope in God will never disappoint you. Don’t let your wait ruin you, but instead let it build you up – make the most of each day and put your hope in the one person who knows whats best for you, Jesus. Seek his Word as you wait expectantly on him that your breakthrough is coming.

your word brings me hope psalm 130

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