No one who waits on the lord will be put to shame Psalm 25

Psalm 25:3 Won’t Be Put to Shame #213

Shame. When you think of shame you probably think of humilation or embarrasment. But the biblical perspective is much different. Psalm 25:3 says “No one who waits for you will ever be put to shame.” Shame in this verse refers “to being let down or disappointed” meaning that if you wait on the Lord, he will not let you down. Romans 5:5 also drives this same point.

Notice this verse says no one who “waits.” Some translations use “hope” or “trust.” In other words, no one who waits, hopes or puts their trust in the Lord will be let down. This verse doesn’t mean you can call yourself a Christian and you will never be let down. Instead, it means that as you wait actively on the Lord and put 100% of your confidence in him, not in what he will do for you, but confidence in who he is, then you will not be let down. Notice I said “wait actively” because to wait, hope or trust isn’t inactive. And, I love how the passion translation refers to someone whose heart is “entwined his heart” with the Lord. Isn’t that a beautiful way of thinking about it? Is your heart entwined with his?

In the verses preceding and following Psalm 25:3, David offers his prayers to God, puts his trust in God and asks God to teach him his ways. What an example of how to wait actively! Put your trust in God and ask him to guide you along your path and just as scripture promises, you will not be disappointed in your wait.

No one who waits on the lord will be put to shame Psalm 25


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  • Lindsay Tankersley
    Posted at 08:13h, 09 February Reply

    Thank you for the biblical definition of shame. Shame is hard but intertwining our hearts with the Lord will help us overcome! 😉

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