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Risk and Reward

Risk and reward - in due time blog

Colby and I love Cliff Jumping. We haven’t had that many opportunities to do  it, but when the chance arises, we take it. We first went cliff jumping 3 years ago when we were in Costa Rica. We started big and went for the 40 foot jump. Ever since then, we have tried to find cliffs when we travel, although none have been as high.

When we were on our recent trip to California we spent several days at Lake Tahoe. We were actually there on July 4th which was maybe not the best idea due to how crowded it was. One of the beaches we went to during the day had a very, very small jump and despite that the water was ice-cold, we decided to take the plunge.

I was reminded after jumping how there is never a reward without taking a risk. I wouldn’t have had that experience had I sat back and watched. But because of my risk? I was rewarded! I realize it might seem like a silly example, but the adrenaline of the jump felt like a reward. And there have been so many other risks I have taken in my life. Like the risk of leaving the corporate world and going down to one income to pursue full-time ministry. And even recently, when I took a risk and went out to California (on a different trip) by myself? Wow, was I rewarded!

Or quite possibly our biggest risk ever, what about the risk of trusting God for a miracle in Colby’s body and for our future children, even though we are facing an impossible situation? 

Let me remind you that radical faith demands risk. People who choose to be comfortable have a lack of faith, otherwise known as unbelief. But when someone has radical faith? They know that every time they take a risk, their daddy will always catch them. The same holds true for little children right? A child can jump off a couch squealing with joy because they too know their daddy will catch them. But perhaps their sibling won’t because of a lack of trust.

The degree of risk you take corresponds directly to the amount of faith you have. Not faith in you or other people, but faith in your Faithful Father. And I think every daddy loves when their children take risks because it shows that the child trusts them. Speaking of, do you want to know what the Father told me recently as to why we don’t see more healings, miracles and breakthroughs? Because there aren’t people who are willing to take a risk. When people choose to limit God there is no way to ever experience a miracle. But if you take risk? You set yourself up to receive a reward.

If you want to experience more rewards in your life, then you are going to have to take a risk. And when you take a risk you can trust that your daddy will catch you every single time. What area of life do you need to “jump” into?

Risk vs reward in due time blog

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