Romans 5:3 times of trouble joyful confidence

Romans 5:3 Times of Trouble #263

Romans 5:3

Romans 5:3-5 is one of my all time favorite passages. In fact, I have shared it on here before, but it’s too good not to share again. Today I am going to focus on Romans 5:3 which says, But that’s not all! Even in times of trouble we have a joyful confidence, knowing that our pressures will develop in us patient endurance.”

I love that it starts with, “but that is not all.” If you read last week, Romans 5:2 ends with boasting in God’s glory. But, boasting in the glory of God isn’t just for those whose life is easy, but you can boast in the glory when you are facing trials too, which is what Romans 5:3 tells us.

The verse goes on to say that even if you are facing something difficult you can not only be joyful in the middle of it, but you can be confident too. I think both the joy and the confidence in this passage are based of not only knowing God is good, but believing he is good too.

What happens in times of trouble? Not only can be joyful and confident, but the pressure you are facing will develop in you patient endurance too. Or as the NIV translation says, “perseverance.” Do you remember my post I did a few weeks ago on building spiritual muscles? This is that exact same concept. When you face pressure, or resistance, you are building spiritual muscles, otherwise known as patient endurance.

Does this verse pump you up as much as it does for me? It’s seriously one of my favorites and I can’t wait to share Romans 5:4 and Romans 5:5 in the following weeks too. If you are someone who is in the middle of trouble, are you confident and joyful? Are you growing spiritual muscles?

Romans 5:3 times of trouble joyful confidence

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