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Stop Making Excuses

stop making excuses in due time blog

Over the past 9+ months I, along with several others, have been planning for the Moms in the Making conference. As the event got closer, the weeks leading up to it got even more intense. It wasn’t because we weren’t prepared or because we left things for the last-minute, but the intensity was because it really does take that much work to plan a conference, especially when it comes to finalizing details over the last few weeks. It was definitely non-stop and there was a lot of stress and very little sleep.

Throughout the months of planning there was something that left me very frustrated and that was the amount of excuses I received. I heard excuse after excuse. You name it, I probably heard it. “I can’t go because I would have to take 2 hours off work.” “It’s too expensive.” “I would have to drive an hour and it’s too far away.” “I don’t want to sacrifice two days of my time to attend.”

The list goes on and on and thankfully I’ve blocked most of them out of my mind, but can I just be really honest and tell you how frustrated I was with people’s excuses? You want to know why? Because they were choosing to bring their excuses to me, the founder of an organization who gave up a regular job and a full-time salary. Me, the person who has sacrificed my life, 365 days a year, for Moms in the Making. Me, who spends 8-12+ hours a day volunteering to help this organization run. Me, the person who has sacrificed sleep, time with my husband, friends and family. Me, the person who sacrificed every room in my home to store stuff for the conference.

The very people who were complaining about time and money were complaining to the wrong person.

With each complaint I couldn’t help but think how frustrating it is for God when his people choose to complain about money, time or how they feel inconvenienced. Yes, people choose to complain to God about the same petty things to Him, the very founder of the world. Him, the provider and healer. HIm, the one with unlimited resources. Him, the one who can part the Red Sea and multiply food and yet what do people do? Complain!

“Do everything without complaining and arguing.” Philippians 2:14

You know what the Old Testament is filled with? Complainers! God brought the Israelites out of Egypt and what did they do? They complained and complained some more. If you read Exodus and Numbers you will be shocked with how much the people complained.

You know what complaining does? It proves to everyone around you that you don’t trust God. All it does is limit God and in the end it hinders you because he can’t help you if you complain.

I think it’s time that God’s people stop making excuses because all your excuses do is limit God. Every time you say “I can’t afford it” guess what you are doing? Limiting God who can and will provide for every one of your needs. Every time you say “It’s impossible” guess what you are doing? Limiting God who makes every impossible situation possible. Every time you say “I am going to grieve forever” guess what you are doing? Limiting God who can comfort you and remove all your grief.

You know this post really isn’t about the conference at all and I hope you understand I am using that an example to point out that we live in a generation that is full of victims who would rather complain than take responsibility. However, I must point out, to every person who came to me with your excuses, you want to know what I think? If you truly wanted to be at the conference, God would have made a way! Because he absolutely always, always, always makes a way. So stop playing victim. Stop complaining. Stop making excuses. Stop limiting God and start taking responsibility. Personally, I know I don’t want to hear your excuses and I can only imagine how much more frustrating it is for God than it has been for me. It’s time to speak his language and last time I checked making excuses wasn’t part of how to communicate to him or anyone else for that matter.

stop making excuses

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  • Ruud
    Posted at 10:58h, 19 October Reply

    Love this!! So true! You are only limiting yourself with all the excuses!! Stop and let God show you what he can do when you drop the excuses and say Yes!!!

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