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The First Few Moments

The first few moments - in due time blog

On my recent trip out to California I was able to drive around to see the destruction of the Carr fire, which a month after starting, is still burning. The Carr file has caused mass destruction, already burning 229K acres of land. Over 1,000 families have lost their homes and it’s caused extreme devastation in the Redding, California and surrounding areas.

The interesting thing about this fire is it was started by a car, which actually has nothing to do with the name “Carr fire.” I believe it started in an area where there was a street or park named Carr but I am not too sure. Either way, a fire that started with a mechanical issue has now spread to over 229,000 acres of land.

When I was reflecting on this situation Father reminded me of how different this situation would have been had the fire been contained the moment it started. I am not saying this is anyone’s fault, but hypothetically let’s just point out that had the fire been contained soon after it started, then none of the damage would have happened. 10,000+ residents would not have had to be evacuated, 1,000+ homes would not have burned down, 229,000 acres would not be ruined, 8+ deaths would not have happened, 550+ personnel would not have to work around the clock in the 100+ degree heat and so on and so forth. Add in all the livestock, animals and nature that is no longer alive and you get the point.

The first few moments. Containment in a simple moment would have caused everything to look much different. Everything! The story could have ended there. A car caught fire and the fire was put out. The end.

It reminds me of our journey. I think about why Colby and I are so full of expectancy and hope, even after the news the doctors gave us this past spring, which you can read about here. In those moments, which actually spanned a few weeks as we waited for answers, we were left with a decision. Our situation, had we decided to let it, also could have caused mass devastation and destruction. It could have cost us our hope, our faith, our peace, our finances, our marriage and even worse, Colby’s life and our future family. I mean can you imagine how different our story would look had we not contained the fire when it started?

I believe that every battle you face is won or lost in the very few moments based on how you respond. When the fire starts, it’s your job to partner up with God and put it out. When you receive bad news, it’s your job to cling to what the Word of God says. When you find out your IVF treatment didn’t work, it’s your job to praise your way through. When your best friend ditches you, it’s your job not to not take the spirit of offense and instead bless her. When the doctors give you a hopeless report, it’s your job to choose hope. When your boss fires you, it’s your job to trust that God will continue to provide.

I’m convinced that how you choose to react in those first few moments can change the course of everything for you. And as I type this not only am I thinking back on this past spring, but Holy Spirit is bringing to mind the moment 6 years ago when doctors called us with devastating news regarding our chances of ever having a family. I remember in that moment Colby and I sitting in our living room and opening up our Bible and reading Psalms together. And then this past spring, I remember on our anniversary when we spent 8 hours in the hospital with bad report after bad report, facing a very hopeless and negative situation. Yet despite what we were facing we made the choice to contain the fire right then and right there. And you want to know how we did that? By partnering up with God, trusting his Word over our circumstances and feasting! That night, after a long and hard day, we chose to feast and celebrate in the presence of our enemies by enjoying a fancy dinner together. And I believe that one decision altered the route of the road we were about to go down. We could have ended up broken down and on fire, but instead we contained the fire the minute it started, preventing any damage from being caused.

It’s frightening to think about how different our story could have been had we chose to let the enemy continue to wreak havoc on our family. What if we had believed the doctor’s report over what God’s Word says? What if we had chosen in that moment to be overcome with hopelessness instead of being overwhelmed with gratitude and celebration? What if we had wallowed up in our circumstances and chose grief and sadness instead of hope and expectation?

Remember God has given you every spiritual tool you need to face every battle that comes your way, but the choice of if you use the weapons he has provided is up to you. What you choose to do in the first few moments of every battle you face can change everything for you, which is why you must root yourself in the Word and renew your mind with truth. Otherwise how will you know how to win the battle if you aren’t aware of the tools you have access to? So, will you partner up with Father and contain the fire when it starts or will you allow it to burn for days, weeks and months, causing mass devastation for not only you, but those around you too?

the first few moments in due time blog carr fire


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