The soverignty of God over suffering and evil

I recently listened to a 4 sermon series from Austin Stone church. The series was about the sovereignty of God over suffering and evil based off of Genesis 37-39,50 and Joseph’s trials throughout those chapters. I highly recommend the series as all 4 sermons were really good and the recap below does not do the audio version justice. I somehow typed up some notes and lost them so instead of starting over and retyping the details, here are some main points that I was really encouraged by:

  • Suffering isn’t a sign that God has left you. 
  • Often when things look like they are going the most wrong, God is doing the most good.
  • For every evil, God promises to be with you, hurt with you, and heal with you as you go through it.
  • God works all things for good, even in the suffering.
  • Everything has to happen how it happens for things to work out how God intends.
  • The God who wills evil to happen is the same God who promises to be with you during the suffering.
  • During suffering, you can choose to run to God or run away from God.
  • When you can’t understand what God is doing, look at what he has already done.
  • You see more of Jesus when you suffer.

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