Waiting on God

God’s made it obvious in several ways that we should just sit back, trust Him and continue to wait. The most recent way he showed us was when I went in to grab a few magazines for my plane trip out to Georgia to see C.J. I have a VERY large stack, including several In Touch magazines by Charles Stanley. I haven’t looked at these in forever, but I receive them in the mail and they have started to pile up. I happened to pick one up and not noticing at the time, it’s title was “Waiting on God.” The whole magazine, articles and devotionals include were all about Waiting. It was dated back to March 2012, but I had no doubts that God intended for me to pick it up and read it.

I decided I would turn the articles and devotions into posts on the blog, but first, here are a few awesome quotes about waiting on God.

What we need are eyes to see and ears to hear how the Lord is leading us, as we trust Him for the future.

We receive deep within ourselves the hard lessons of desert wandering along with the bright hope of a promised deliverer.

Just as we know the sun will rise without fail every dawn, we can fully trust the love of God in moments of darkness.

A seed of promise may be planted, and although it remains buried and invisible for an indefinite period, it can be watered through prayer until the sprout breaks through the surface

More posts from the magazine to follow…

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