What if...

What if…..

What if...On any given day, because of my desire to see people hunger for Jesus more than they do this world, I have many thoughts that run through my end. According to men, probably way too many, but I’m sure some of you ladies can relate. Well today I thought I should share some of those thoughts I have on a daily or weekly basis with you. I know you might not believe me after reading this, but this is not the full list, however, it’s a good start for now!

After reading you might want to know why I have thoughts like these so often? Well let me just tell you, most of these thoughts pop into my mind during conversations, emails and messages I have with people just like you. They are spurred on by women that sit in my living room during Moms in the Making. They are given to me during outings I attend. They come to me as I think about what it will take for God’s people to look more like him. They are also spurred on by what I see going on around the world and the internet too. I hope these thoughts, which I turned into question form, challenge you. And I hope as you read each question, you not only find it challenging, but convicting too. Because you are never going to grow in your walk with Jesus if you stay comfortable. And you are never going to grow in your walk with Jesus if you keep looking like this world either.

I realize that not every question will apply to you, and I hope that very little do, because the less that apply the more you are probably already living in life-union with Christ. But, after you finish reading through them, I want to know… which 3 questions convicted you the most and what are you going to do about it?

What if…

What if you pursued God more than a specific diet plan, essential oil, medication, or doctor?

What if you no longer lived as an orphan, but instead you lived as an adopted son or daughter?

What if you stop making excuses and started taking responsibility?

What if you dared to believe?

What if instead of sitting in bitterness, you lived a life of contentment?

What if you stopped judging and started loving?

What if you made healing and miracles a part of your every day life?

What if you stopped asking others what to do and started asking God what he wants you to do?

What if instead of getting angry when people get what you want, you chose to celebrate them instead?

What if you stopped living with religious spirits and started living by the Holy Spirit?

What if instead of sitting on your mat, you got up and walked?

What if instead of succumbing to your sickness, you accessed the healing that is for you?

What if you lived in the freedom Christ paid for instead of living in bondage?

What if you spent as much time in the Word as you did in front of the TV?

What if instead of complaining, you chose to praise?

What if you used the Word as your medicine instead of always taking medication?

What if instead of walking by the seen, you walked by the unseen?

What if instead of speaking words of death, you only spoke words of life?

What if you turned your receiver on?

What if instead of living with a poverty mindset, you had an abundant mindset?

What if you stopped begging God to answer your prayer?

What if you spoke to your mountain about God instead of speaking to God about your mountain?

What if you gave as much attention to God as you did everything else in your life?

What if you realized that what you do day-in, day-out is your ministry and that your ministry matters?

What if you stopped limiting what God could do?

What if you stopped calling yourself a sinner and started calling yourself a saint?

What if instead of your circumstances making you bitter, you allowed them to make you better?

What if you stopped making excuses?

What if you stopped basing your theology on your circumstances and started basing it on the Word of God?

What if instead of making everything about you, you made it about Jesus?

What if you walked in forgiveness?

What if you lived as a victor instead of living as a victim?

What if you consumed yourself more with the Prince, than you did the principles?

What if instead of seeing yourself through your own lens, you saw yourself defined by who Jesus says you are?

What if you changed your perspective?

What if instead of letting the world define you, you let the Word define you?

What if you tended your garden, instead of letting it die?

What if you pursued God more than you did a baby, a job or a husband?

What if instead of trying to compete with others, you realized we are all on the same team?

What if you put your trust in God, not in man or the opinions of others?

What if you believed God wants you well?

What if instead of giving up you realized it was worth it and you kept going?

What if you actually walked in faith instead of unbelief and doubt?

What if you not only said you believed nothing was impossible with God, but you actually walked it out too?

What if instead of putting God in a box and giving the enemy free reign in your life, you put the enemy box and gave God free reign?

What if you didn’t just call yourself a Christian, but acted like one too?

What if instead of taking offense to everything you lived unoffendable?

What if instead of spending your time and money investing in the things of this world, you spent your time and money investing in the things of this Kingdom?

What if you listened to Worship music instead of secular music?

What if instead of making excuses on a Sunday morning of why you couldn’t go to church, you made church your priority?

What if you partnered with God instead of partnering with the enemy?

What if being a Christian wasn’t just a 90 minute a week activity?

What if you set others up to win?

What if instead of always blaming God, you only praised God?

What if you gave to God what already belongs to him?

What if you accessed all God has for you including your full inheritance and your Spiritual Authority?

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  • Amie P
    Posted at 12:47h, 27 July Reply

    I was listening to Francis Chan yesterday and it was about him leaving the church he started 16 years ago, taking his family to a third world country then after that coming back to live in the very worst part of LA because that’s what he felt God was calling him to do. He said the exact same thing about not growing in the Lord if you are comfortable. I was just blown away by his walk ya know? Your post reminded me of that in the same way so I feel like this is God’s way of continuing to bring this to my attention that I need to change what I am doing. Thank you Caroline 🙂

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