2021 Moms in the Making Leader Retreat

A few weekends ago we had our 3rd annual Moms in the Making leader retreat. There were 40 of us total which included our in-person and virtual support group leaders who came from from all over the United States and Mexico to attend!

Most of the leaders came in early which gave us the opportunity to have plenty of fun before the official event kicked off. On Thursday night we gathered for dinner and then walked around town.

On Friday we all met up for a casual lunch in McKinney and walked around another cute downtown area in McKinney. Holy Spirit was already doing His thing because while we were walking, He led us to go into a store. The owner asked us why we were gathered with so many ladies and when we told her who we were, she immediately got emotional. Turns out her daughter had been going through infertility. It was through our conversation with her that we were able to bless her and pray over her daughter too. What a sweet moment!

After leaving downtown Mckinney, we made a stop at Bucees, which is a very popular gas station. Except it’s not a gas station, it’s basically a very large store too! It was a Texas must for all the out-of-town leaders!

We then headed out to Bethel Ranch where we stayed for the weekend. We had time to settle in, play some ice-breakers and have some mocktails before officially kicking off our event. 

All throughout the weekend we loved on our leaders. We talked about offenses, disqualifications and more. We spent time prophesying and praying. There were lots of tears but there was so much laughter too! On Friday we got to worship inside and on Saturday we got to worship outside. 

We also saw so much breakthrough, healing and miracles throughout the weekend. Women who hadn’t slept in months, slept for the first time. Women who came in with anxiety left with peace. Women who were feeling disqualified left encouraged.

I am so thankful for this community. It truly is such an honor to be a part of it. I love seeing God work miracles. He is always moving and doing His thing!


A big thank you to all of our financial partners and donors who made this weekend possible. And a big thank you to our volunteers and board for all you did as well! I am so grateful for so many that believe in the Moms in the Making mission! Without each of you, this ministry would not exist.

If you want to learn more about Moms in the Making or apply to be a leader, you can do so on our website here.

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