2023 Moms in the Making Leader Retreat

Three weeks ago we hosted our 5th annual Moms in the Making leader retreat in Helen, Georgia! 

This was our first time to head to Georgia for our retreat. We flew in to Atlanta on Thursday and after grabbing dinner we made the 2 hour drive to Helen.

60 leaders, including both our in-person and virtual support group leaders, joined us at Bison View Lodge for the weekend.

Thursday night and Friday morning provided free time for all of those who traveled in. We officially kicked off our retreat at 1pm on Friday and we hosted 7 sessions over the course of the 3 days. Our topics of teaching including forgiveness, shame, fear, control, healthy communication, feeling disqualified, the prophetic and more. The Lord did so much over such a short period of time. The testimonies are truly unreal. Here are a handful of 60 that took place from the weekend:

“I got set free from lie that my body was broken and incapable of carrying my babies to full term due to the years of failure leading up to my miracles. My body is capable and God is the one that is going to keep them safe. The relying is not on me, or my body or my capabilities, but in the mighty name of Jesus!”

“I was finally able to forgive my father for the physical and mental abuse I endured growing up. I had been carrying so much pain, hurt and hatred for over 20 years! I actually called him last night and had the best hour long conversation with him.”

“I got set free from the lie that I’m responsible for my husband’s relationship with the Lord. I’m called to be a light, to pray and to encourage but it’s the Holy Spirit’s job (not mine) to convict and draw him closer.”

“After going through my 5th miscarriage a couple of months ago I was feeling like it all didn’t even matter anymore, but during worship the Lord spoke to me and told me that it matters to Him. It was so good to be reassured of His amazing love for me!”

“I was able to be set free from the lie that my body has failed me. I received such confirmation that I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be. I’ve been anxious starting to pursue fertility treatments, but I left with an assurance, peace, and excitement by knowing that God is in every detail of this!”

“I was able to overcome the grief and forgiveness that had been weighing me down. God is so good at healing the heart and restoring what the enemy wants left broken.”

“The most amazing thing God did for me this weekend was heal my birth trauma, which contributed to the false belief that my body and myself are not safe for my children.”

“I was set free from the fear that I’m going to miss God’s direction for our building our family and therefore not have children. It was made clear to me through prophecy and an encouraging conversation that God would make our path clear.”

“I got set free from the lie that God reserves His good gifts to the few, that I’m not “spiritual enough.” Living the first 30 years of my life as a non-Christian has no hold on me. I am going deeper with the Holy Spirit and God will continue to work in me.”

Amazing right? God healed, set free, delivered, comforted and more! 

A big thank you to all who donated to make this weekend possible. We raised $25K and it all came from very generous people. Also, a big thank you to our planning team and volunteers and board for all you did as well! I am so grateful for so many that believe in the Moms in the Making mission! Without each of you, this ministry would not exist.

PS. Moms in the Making is a Christian organization that supports women who are going through infertility and trying to grow their family. If you want to learn more about Moms in the Making or apply to be a leader, you can do so on our website here.


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