2024 Moms in the Making Leader Retreat

One month ago, we hosted our 6th annual Moms in the Making leader retreat in Kentucky!

This was our first time heading to Kentucky for our retreat. The first three Moms in the Making leader retreats we hosted were in Texas. Then, we hosted one in Tennessee, one in Georgia, and, in 2024, Kentucky!

60 in-person and virtual leaders from 25 states and several countries joined us for a powerful weekend.

Thursday night and Friday morning provided free time for everyone who traveled in. In addition, some of the leaders, including myself, did excursions on Friday morning. Ziplining, boat tours, and cave kayaking were all available for the leaders to choose to do, if they wanted. I did the ziplining with about 8 other leaders, and it was so fun!

We officially kicked off our retreat early on Friday afternoon. The topics we covered at the retreat included identifying and overcoming disappointment, walking with others through grief and loss, leading from a place of abiding, healing, hearing from God, the prophetic, and more.

As always, the Lord did so much! There was physical healing, heart-healing, mind-healing, and more! Here are a handful of testimonies the Moms in the Making leaders shared of what took place during the leader retreat weekend.

“I came to the leader retreat feeling very tired, weary, a little jaded, and afraid to expect BIG things from God. My heart was blocked up from past disappointments and anger against God (which I didn’t even know was in my heart). I repented for those things and left them at the retreat. Abba healed my heart and I feel alive again! I feel so refreshed in my soul and my heart!”

“When I got to retreat I had a bit of a wall up around my heart, due in part to a very recent disappointment. I wanted the wall to come down, but it didn’t fully, until Sunday morning, when we prayed for each other and I felt so SEEN. I feel like I can get close to Him again.”

“I came to retreat tormented by fear and pain. God met me in every single session and activity. He broke off lies that I have been believing about myself for years. He confirmed over and over that I am enough, seen, and it is our time.

“I experienced healing from food allergies and I have had less connective tissue disease symptoms.”

“Generational curses of suicide and depression were completely broken off. I literally felt two heavy chains fall off my back!”

“I came to retreat believing the lie that while God came through for others, he might not do that for me. Through hearing countless testimonies, wrestling with God in private prayer, and receiving prayer from so many of you, I now know that He can and He WILL!

“I was completely overwhelmed with peace and excitement for what is it come.”

“I have been having shoulder pain for a long time now. Recently it has gotten much worse where it hurt pretty much all the time and really bothered me when I sleep. It hurt for me to even lift my hands during worship on the left side. Saturday night I was completely healed. I haven’t had any pain since and have been able to sleep without pain. I can also raise my arm and hands all the way up pain-free now. God is so good!!”

“Lies of fear were broken off me that have been trying to destroy my joy in this new pregnancy.”

Amazing right? God healed, set free, delivered, comforted, and more! All in all it was a great and powerful weekend of ministry and healing.. maybe even the best Moms in the Making leader retreat yet 😉

Are you on the journey to growing your family? Moms in the Making is a faith-based ministry that supports women who are going through infertility and trying to grow their family. If you want to learn more about Moms in the Making or apply to be a leader, you can do so on our website here.


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