a baby won't heal you. jesus is the only thing that can heal you

A Baby Won’t Heal You

a baby won't heal you. jesus is the only thing that can heal you

A baby won’t heal me.

It won’t heal you either.

Maybe you aren’t waiting on a baby. Maybe it’s something different.

Insert whatever it is in the sentence below:

“A ________ Won’t Heal You.”

A husband. A job. A house. A dream vacation.

We are missing the point of the wait if we make the wait about what we are waiting for. And we are deceived if we think receiving what we are waiting for is the very thing that is going to heal our heart.

It’s not about a baby. And the baby won’t bring the healing.

So what is the journey about? And what will bring the healing?

The journey should be about Him. And healing will happen when you seek Him, not the baby.

Which leads to my next question… do you realize you need healing?

We all do.

Not physical healing, although that is important and I believe Father God wants to do that too. But emotional, spiritual and mental healing. That is what the Father is after.

Are you aware of everything your heart needs to be healed of… grief you have experienced, trauma from your childhood, the father wounds you have from your imperfect father, disappointment, bitterness, prior unhealthy relationships, weariness from waiting, past sin, bondage, anger, jealousy and the list goes on and on. Ultimately all these things lead to a hardened heart, which is why you and I need healing.

None of the things listed above will automatically disappear when you get what you are waiting for. And in the same way, receiving the answer to what you are waiting for is not what is going to heal you either. That would be like someone thinking all the debt they have from their single days would disappear when they get married, but it doesn’t work that way.

Jesus is the only thing that can and will heal you. And your healing will begin when you invite Him into your story and open up your heart Him. Because it is your heart that He is after.

It’s time to open up your heart to His. It’s time to turn your affection towards Him and seek Him more than the thing you are waiting for. He can heal you. He wants to heal you. But first, you have to allow Him to heal you by making your story about Him, instead of about you.

He’s waiting. He’s ready. He wants you! He wants your heart to be fully His. He can only do His part once you do yours. So will you make your wait about Him, instead of what you are waiting for? Will you open up your heart to His?

Can you imagine the healing that will take place when you shift your focus and align your heart with His? What will change for you when you find freedom from your past and you let him write your future? What’s holding you back from being fully His?

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  • Gg
    Posted at 23:27h, 10 December Reply

    I’ve been following you on IG for a while now but have never read your blog. Why did it take me so long? I too was born and raised in Oklahoma and currently reside in Tulsa… I made a comment on your IG post just now but I’ll mention it here as well. I have always dreamed of being a wife and mother, it’s all I ever wanted. I just turned 50 in November. I have neither a husband nor children. I’ve never married. I have accepted I will not have children of my own but I still dream of one day finding a humble, kind man to marry. But, that won’t heal me. I always thought it would. I really did. Your post rang a responsive chord in my heart and I know what you are saying is true. Thank you. I’ve learned something very important.

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