Blessings Birthed in Barrenness

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week, and it’s time for my 11th annual National Infertility Awareness Week collaborative post. This year, I asked the Moms in the Making support group leaders to share one blessing birthed in barrenness.

To clarify, infertility in of itself is NOT a blessing. Barrenness is not a blessing either. However, just like any difficulty we face, if we pursue the Lord in the midst of it, so many blessings can be birthed in the barrenness. I believe you will find that to be true as you read the responses from our leaders below.

Blessing Birthed in Barrenness

Abby Garcia | Louisiana – It is such a blessing to know that I have found faith-filled friendships that will contend for all kinds of miracles.

Alexis Inderbitzin | Celina, TX – Moms in the Making has walked with me through the last four years. I would have never made it through five years of infertility, and a long hospital stay with my miracle baby boy if it wasn’t for the sisterhood I found through leading this group. The encouragement, support, prayers, and friendship are truly a gift from God!

Alicia Zapata-Couret | Fort Myers, FL – The blessing of community and prayer has been a game changer in my fertility walk. Also, the Godly podcast has helped change perspective in me.

Amanda Jernigan | Dunn, NC – God has brought beauty from ashes through our journey. When the world would say I couldn’t be a mom, God brought four beautiful children into our family through adoption and foster care. He has always kept His promises and is so faithful along the journey. In our hardest seasons, I can always look back and see His hand guiding our family.

Angela Lee | Camden, SC – One blessing that has come from my journey is the kingdom friendships that I have gained in this community. I prayed for many years for this type of friendship and I now have it thanks to Moms in the Making. We push each other closer to Jesus, contend for one another, pray for one another with expectation, encourage each other and do life together. I have grown closer to the Lord because of seeing Jesus exemplified through these women. Community is so crucial and I’m so thankful I have found mine!

Beth Cacciapalle | Clinton Township, MI – I am blessed with so much goodness from – our extended wait, community, Godly friends, deeper intimacy with the Lord, healing of past wounds, boldness to speak about Jesus to others and witnessing signs, wonders and miracles.

Brianna Waters | Mountain Grove, MO – Being a part of this ministry has brought me community that I did not even realize how desperately I needed. It has given me women in my life who understand what I am walking through and we are able to point each other to Jesus in the midst of the journey. Walking through infertility has allowed me to know Jesus in such a deep way that I truly understand that He is where all of my joy comes from.

Brittany Mulinix | Defiance, OH – I have been blessed with true, deep relationships both with God and with other sisters in Christ.

Brittany Spatz | Surprise, OH – Through our infertility journey, we’ve learned to trust God’s plan for us, even though none of what He had planned for us is what we imagined! IVF was always out of the question for us because I had a terrible childhood of being poked and prodded with needles, but the Lord freed me from that pain and allowed me to be healed of those emotional wounds caused by needles. It took 19 years for me to trust God’s design for how we would get our precious baby boy and I’m so glad I listened to Him. I’m now 6 months along!

Christa Kingston | Montgomery, TX – I have found my dearest friends in Moms in the Making. These women cheer me on, stand in the gap and pray on my family’s behalf. I’m so grateful to be part of a community who believe in miracles.

Dalia Uribe | Monterrey, NL México – I’m so blessed to have a deeper relationship with God and an understanding that my true joy is found in Him.

Earleesha Stoxstell-Messina | Tinley Park, IL – Moms in the Making has been such an absolute blessing. I’ve found a place where I feel like I belong and people understand me in a natural sense. I am filled with the love of God and community. I have people that pray for me and believe for me and hope with me in situations were there felt like there was no hope to be found. I have Moms in the Making whose primary goal is to make sure I know Jesus, His promises and His goodness, and the rest will follow.

Emily Kinserlow | Houston, MO – I was able to truly learn that God is a good Father who gives good gifts. He didn’t give me infertility, but by walking through it, it enabled me to have a deeper relationship with Him. I trusted Him for my healing and He brought my body in alignment to naturally conceive. I am thankful for the joy, peace and greater love I found along this journey even before my children are here in my arms. God is good!

Gisela Barajas – Phoenix, AZ – I have received the blessing of faith, community, sisterhood and friendships. Created Godly, hope-filled relationships. I have the privilege to pray and believe alongside others walking in faith, trusting The Lord for his purpose, promises and will to be done in each others’ lives and families. The privilege to worship, praise, celebrate and rejoice and grieve and lament — to truly walk out and do life with people how Jesus calls us to.

JoyBeth Costello – Wichita, KS – The biggest blessing that has come from my fertility journey is how it has impacted my walk with the Lord. Through this journey, I have a better understanding of the authority I have through Christ and it has brought me into a deeper relationship with Him.

Kaitlyn Kusky | Fort Myers, FL – I am blessed to have received the knowledge that I’m not alone and the truth that God doesn’t run out of miracles.

Lauren Netherland | Plano, TX – I have a front row seat to miracles! I can’t even count the amount of pregnancies, births, and adoptions that have come from the Plano, TX group in the past 3 years. At least 15 and they keep on coming! All glory to God! Every woman who has gotten involved in this group has found community, support, and a renewed faith despite a tough fertility journey.

Lindsay Tankersley | Clayton, NC – I have received the blessing of a kingdom community to build and strengthen faith and hope!

Morgan Smithhart | McKinney, TX – We have recently entered the 7th year of our infertility journey with no baby earthside. However, I feel blessed to say that this journey has brought my husband and I closer together through the deepening of our faith. When we decided to truly surrender and rest in God’s plan and timing for our lives, we have been able to live hopefully and happily in the in-between. Us and God against any challenge? We got this! Not to mention the community I have been blessed to be a part of with MITM – a true inclusive sisterhood and now leading my first group. God gets all the glory!

Nicole Bantleon-Pierce | Green Bay, WI – I am blessed to have created beautiful, life-giving friendships that could have only been orchestrated by the Lord.

Stephanie Yeckering | Bowling Green, KY – I’m so blessed to have found community. I felt alone on our fertility journey and thought it was true, but I learned that it is a lie from the enemy. I prayed that God would bring someone else in my life who was walking through infertility, too. I was asking for one friend, but our good Father exceeded my expectations. Moms in the Making is the community that I was desperately seeking. Through this ministry, I have found friends who walk with me and contend for our children. We pray for each other and believe that the Lord has good plans for us. We believe for healing and witness miracles. We grieve together and experience comfort from the Holy Spirit. We rebuke lies and speak truth over our situations. My prayer for anyone experiencing infertility is that you join Moms in the Making because you will experience more than a community of friends!

And for me? Before infertility, I was just living for myself and the world. But one blessing birthed in my barren season has been that I encountered Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a whole new way, and it truly is such a blessing!

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