Blood test #2

We got the second round of blood tests back from C.J’s last appointment. They tested for HIV, which is required if we do decide to ever freeze a sample, and that came back negative. Also, his testosterone went from 318 to 592! He will continue to take the chlomid and antibiotic until the next appointment. I’ve also been doing research on how to increase count, motility and morphology. There is mention of certain vitamins to help with the quantity and quality of sperm so C.J now has a shelf in the kitchen full of various bottles. He has also stopped drinking soft drinks, coffee and alcohol. We don’t know if this will help, but are willing to try. It was affirming to us when he had mentioned giving up those habits and it had been on my mind for a few days too. I hope at one point sugar/desserts will be added to the list, but for those of you who know C.J realize that might be a long shot.

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