Doctor’s visit

God was with us from the beginning of our relationship. He led us to meet, guided us to marriage and 11 months later put it on our heart to start a family. After receiving the results from the initial SA, the urologist we had been referred to couldn’t get us in for over a month. That seemed like eternity.

However, the day after we found out Colby’s test results the doctor called back and said they had an appointment for the following day! Hallelujah. Unfortunately, I couldn’t be there, but we were still thankful for an initial consultation. The doctor let Colby know his results were due to a lack of production and not blockage. That was hard to hear, because we knew if it was a blockage issue at least there were sperm. He gave Colby an antibiotic for White Blood Cells that were found on the initial test results and Chlomid which would help increase production. He also instructed Colby to get a blood test done and come back in a month to do another SA.

I was thankful for how humble Colby was during the first week. Despite the situation, Colby let me know he wanted me to share with others about our current situation. We were desperate for prayer and the more people we could share with the better. The heartache continued. The situation captured my every thought. But, we decided we weren’t going to give up hope in our Savior and His plans for us.

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