God, Why Did You Take My Baby?

Miscarriage. Stillborn. Infant Loss. Death of a Child.

Losing a child is an unimaginable pain that words cannot truly capture.

In these moments of grief and heartache, it’s tempting to ask, “God, why did you take my baby?”

Today, we want to remind you that God is the giver of life, not the taker. John 10:10 tells us, “The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full.”

It’s crucial to understand that it is the enemy, not God, who brings devastation and grief. The enemy seeks to destroy lives and families, and one way he does that is by attacking the womb. Not only does the enemy bring death, but he also deceives people into believing the lie that it is God’s fault, often leading people to turn away from God instead of towards Him.

Recognizing that God is the giver of life and the enemy is the taker of life is essential, as it’s impossible to have a close relationship with someone who takes people. By embracing the truth that God is the giver of life, you can realize that God is not the source of loss. When you have this revelation, you can then turn to Him to comfort you in the midst of any trial or heartache.

In addition to suggesting you redirect your blame toward the enemy, we also encourage you to process all emotions that have come with loss: anger, sadness, grief, frustration, and heartache. God, in His compassion and goodness, can help you navigate these feelings. As a loving Father, He wants you to work through it all with Him, and when you know that He is not the one who caused your loss, then you can trust Him to tend to your heart as you share all your feelings with Him.

If you are mourning a loss, we extend our condolences. We share in your grief. We trust that in the midst of your pain, God intends to heal your broken heart, providing comfort and love. Although the enemy sought to bring harm and sorrow to your family, we partner our faith with you to believe that God will bring abundant life!

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