Moms in the making infertility faith based christian support group

Happy 6th Birthday Moms in the Making!

Moms in the Making Infertility Christian Support Group Dallas TX

6 years ago, Moms in the Making began. It’s crazy to me that so much time has passed already. I don’t remember the details of it all, but by the time our very 1st meeting happened, which was on June 5, 2013, it had been on my heart for over a year to start a support group. And sure enough, June 5th with 6 other women in my living room is where it all began.

I found my original blog post when I announced I was starting a group, which you can see here. Part of me is embarrassed by the verbiage I used in that post, but I hope if you choose to read it you can see how far I have come in my faith walk. I am so thankful what God has done in my life over the years. In all honesty my life has been completely transformed in the best way possible and for that, I am so thankful! It truly is amazing what all God does when we say “yes” to His prompting. My “yes” hasn’t just impacted me but women all over the world too.

To give a quick overview, Moms in the Making became an official non-profit in 2017 and now we have almost 4,000 women in our online Facebook group from a total of 63 countries! We also have a virtual group, 22 support groups across North America with more launching soon, and this fall will be hosting our 3rd conference in Dallas, TX.

Moms in the making infertility faith based christian support group

Our heart for Moms in the Making is to support and encourage women on their journey to becoming a mom by sharing the hope and truth of God’s Word. So to us, the most beautiful part is celebrating the spiritual fruit when women find their identity in Christ. But being that it’s a faith-based fertility support group, we have been able to witness and celebrate the physical fruit too. In the Dallas group alone, we have celebrated over 65 babies. Between the Dallas group, the local groups and the Facebook group, we have witnessed hundreds of miraculous babies! Amazing, right?

So here we are… 6 years in. I say “we” because Moms in the Making is not mine. It never was and never will be. This is God’s ministry that I get the privilege of participating in. And in all honesty it wouldn’t run without the help of a fabulous board and many, many volunteers who are all behind-the-scenes. Although you might see my face the most, I take little credit for the fruit this ministry has produced. Words will never be able to express how thankful I am for every volunteer, leader and supporter of Moms in the Making.

Although we are 6 years in, in some ways I feel like it’s just the beginning as we have such big God-given dreams and visions for the ministry. For our 6th birthday we are hosting a fundraiser so we can help achieve the dreams and I want to ask you, would be willing to make a donation to help spread us spread hope to women all over the world? Even a small donation of $5 will make a large impact. You can do so on our website here. And, if you aren’t interested in donating financially, I want to encourage you to consider shopping our swag here as 100% of all proceeds go directly to Moms in the Making!

If you want to learn more about Moms in the Making, including our group and conference details or other ways to get involved you can go here: And if you need reading material, you can head here to see prior posts regarding Moms in the Making. Hint: there are some amazing testimonies that are worth checking out!

Did you see I launched a podcast? A Cup Full of Hope Podcast is now available for you to listen to!

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I created a group on Facebook as an extension of my book + blog to discuss anything + everything. Women only! Come join us!

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