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Happy Friday! There has been so much going on with Moms in the Making, the faith-based infertility support group I founded and help lead, that I figured it was time for an update! I am so excited to share it all, now where to begin?

Moms in the Making Infertility Support Group

I should probably begin with sharing a little bit about Moms in the Making, especially if you are new to this space. I founded Moms in the Making in 2013, a year after Colby and I were diagnosed with infertility. What began as an in-person Christian support group in my home here in Dallas, TX later expanded to the online audience in 2015. In 2017, Moms in the Making became an official 501c3, non-profit organization and we also hosted our 1st annual conference in October which drew in an audience of attendees from 32 states and 3 countries. Speaking of the conference, how fabulous is this highlight video?


2018 Moms in the Making Conference

I never thought these words would come out of my mouth, but we announced we are hosting another infertility conference on October 12-13 in Dallas, TX. If you are someone who is struggling to get pregnant or stay pregnant or battling infertility, please make sure to save the date.

Also, I will be going live on the Moms in the Making page next Wednesday at 6:15 pm central to share on how you can get a free ticket, so please join me for that. If you missed the first conference recaps you can see part 1 here, part 2 here and the renew her award here.

Infertility Support Group


15 Local Support Groups

Did you know we now have 15 faith-based, Christian infertility support groups across North America? Yes! What began as a in my living room in 2013 has now expanded. We have been very busy working behind the scenes to get these groups growing and I’m excited to announce we now have 15 groups with 15 amazing leaders hosting these groups on a bi-monthly basis. You can learn more about these groups here, but for quick reference, here is an image for where these groups are being held.

Infertility Support Group

Virtual Support Group

Beyond what we do through our online facebook group, we wanted to offer a virtual group, so we are launching an interactive webinar for women all over the world starting on February 12 which will follow the same format as our in-person groups. I would love for you to join us and you can get all details for that here. And, if you aren’t going through infertility, you are welcome to join us too.Infertility Support Group

Valentine’s Day Encouragement Message

This has been my heart for at least half a year, perhaps longer. I love encouraging people and it’s what really excites me. So I’m going to do just that for Valentine’s Day. If you have a friend who could use some encouragement, you can gift them a pre-recorded message from myself which will include a personalized scripture, a prayer of blessing and encouragement for their current need. You can learn more and buy a gift here.

Infertility Support Group


We as a ministry absolutely love testimonies. We share them every Tuesday on our instagram and facebook accounts. And, we even got 2 testimonies recorded. I hope these videos bless you as much as they have me.

Dallas Group

There have been 45 miracle babies that have been born from the ladies who attend the Dallas group that was started in 2013. We are continuing to believe that every woman attending will be a joyful mother of many children!

You can read testimonies here and here and here.

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Update 5 • Update 6 • Update 7

So that is what has been going on with Moms in the Making. We are always looking for volunteers and sponsors so please do not hesitate to reach out if you are interested in helping. Also, if you are looking for faith-based, Christian infertility support or want to learn more then head over to view our website at Please know this group is open to you, wherever you are on your journey. Whether you are pursuing medical treatments, adoption, foster care, taking a break, pursuing a natural route or something else, you are invited.

PS. Have you picked up a copy of my book? Buy In Due Time, a 60-day devotional for hope + encouragement in the waiting.

PPS. I created a group on facebook as an extension of my book + blog to discuss anything + everything. Women only! Come join us!

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  • Kelsey | Precious & Petite
    Posted at 21:50h, 09 February Reply

    I think it’s so awesome what you have done to help bring support to those battling infertility! I am really just beginning the journey, but am having a hard time with our lack of success so I looked for support groups in my area to no avail! It’s been hard because I have no support right now. I’m still hoping one will start in my city because I’m definitely not ready to start one. Until then, I decided to start blogging for now to hopefully build an online support group and also as a way to process the emotions I’ve learned come from this journey!

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