Inspiring testimonies birthed in the midst of infertility

Inspiring Testimonies Birthed in the Midst of Infertility

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week and it’s time for my 9th annual National Infertility Awareness Week collaborative post. This year I asked the Moms in the Making support group leaders to share what blessings have come in the midst of their infertility diagnosis. Infertility isn’t an easy journey, at all, but just like any difficulty we face, if we pursue the Lord in the midst of it, so many testimonies will be birthed. I know as you read through these responses you will be very encouraged by what our leaders had to share:

Inspiring testimonies birthed in the midst of infertility

Inspiring Testimonies Birthed in the Midst of Infertility

Alicia Zapata-Couret | Fort Myers, FL – I thought that dealing with infertility was a punishment from God, but what I’ve come to realize is that it’s not a punishment from Him, but from the consequences of sin and the fall of man. His heart is for me and His heart is to see me be fruitful and multiply. His heart is to heal our brokenness and make us whole. I dealt with infertility for 7 years, but I am now miraculously 20 weeks pregnant. All praise and glory to God, my savior, Jesus Christ.

Angela Lee | Camden, SC – When I was first diagnosed with infertility, I was ashamed and embarrassed, but I want to testify that I am now walking in complete freedom. I no longer carry shame. I carry hope of all He promises us while walking alongside the community I have always longed for; the kind that automatically always points me back to Jesus.

Ashley Coen | Mansfield, TX – When we were diagnosed with infertility, I felt alone and misunderstood, but God put me into a faith-filled community where I not only felt understood and seen, I learned how to understand who the Holy Spirit is and I have since encountered Him in ways I never thought possible.

Beth Cacciapalle | Clinton Township, MI – The first few years into my journey to motherhood, before I really let God in, I was striving, chasing the next thing that I thought would allow me to conceive. I was bitter and jealous every time someone else announced they were pregnant, and while I believed God would do it, my hope for myself was lacking. But I want to testify that after I allowed God into this part of my life, He has used this journey and these years to teach me who He really is for me. My friend, my comforter, my healer, my everything! This month marks 10 years waiting and my hope and faith is now stronger than it has ever been. He will do what He has promised!

Britni Mazur | Lethbridge, Alberta – When we first started encountering issues with infertility, I felt so alone. There were very few safe people I could share things with, let alone understand what I was going through. God was so faithful to bring me not only friends who understand what I am going through, but a real and supportive community.

Brittany Bateman | Benbrook, TX – Before walking through infertility, I had a head knowledge of who God was. I believed He loved me and that He had a plan for my life, but I still felt alone and unseen. God then used the pain of a long fertility journey to draw me near to Him. After now having the heart knowledge of who God is, I have a real relationship with the Father. I am able to rest in Him, even when I don’t understand what’s next in life. I have a desire to read the word to get to know Him better. I am able to hear from Him. It’s now easier to know when the enemy is trying to attack. I now know, because of the power of the Holy Spirit that lives inside me, that I have the authority to dismiss the enemy and what he tries to do over my life. God has surrounded me in two beautiful, faith-filled communities. I know that if I would have had a baby on my timeline, I would have never sought out this relationship with the Father. I’m so glad He used my pain to draw me near to Him and show me that He is always on my side. What a good, good Father.

Brittany Mulinix | Defiance, OH – Before infertility, I didn’t know a true relationship with God. But because of this journey, I now know what it’s like to really know God, know who He is and know He desires good things for me, which in turn has impacted my other relationships and led to amazing breakthroughs in many areas of my life.

Gisela Barajas – Phoenix, AZ – When I was first told about infertility, I was a teen, a child really. I carried that burden alone and felt this deep brokenness, but in my prayer closet, for years, Jesus met me there as I cried out wondering if that would derail the dreams and prayers my heart desired for marriage and my future. But I want to testify that there’s NO laundry list of medical conditions that can hinder the Lord fulfilling His promises and purposes for our lives. The Lord has given me the privilege of being a wife to an amazing husband who serves Jesus wholeheartedly, and together, with the help from The Holy Spirit and for over a decade now, we have learned to live our vows in action and know there’s purpose and joy in the wait. The Lord has given us a community to walk alongside (part of that community is our MITM family), and even though there’s a laundry list of medical conditions that have been added over the years to the report since that first one, I have seen Jesus in the good and hard moments. Through the losses and the pain, He has been and remains to be my Great Physician, Comforter, Peace and Provider. Now, more than ever, we believe our hope in Jesus will never be put to shame and we can trust that our times, generations and future are secured in His hands.

Kaitlan Merz | Delaware, OH – Before this journey, I was a believer, I loved God, but I had not yet met the Holy Spirit or Jesus the Comforter. Through this journey, I have become closer to the Father. Jesus has comforted me in my weakest moments and I have been met by the Holy Spirit in ways I didn’t know were possible and experienced miracles I didn’t think would happen for me. I now have a relationship and I can hear and feel close to Him all the time.

Kaitlyn Kusky | Fort Myers, FL – When I was first diagnosed infertility, I thought my body was broken and that my body had failed me, but God has shown me that I’m made perfect in His image and that I was made to be fruitful and multiply.

Katelynne Yow | Tulsa, OK – Because of infertility, I was hopeless, but because of Jesus, I now have hope no matter my circumstances!

Katie White | Chillicothe, OH – I said I would never do IVF and that there was no way we could afford fertility treatments, but then God showed up and paved the way for multiple treatments, including IVF. Now we are pregnant with our miracle rainbow. God also used the lack of our own funding to demonstrate His love, help us to rely on Him and deepen our relationships with Him and each other.

Kayla Valdez | Chadron, NE – Before struggling with infertility, I believed that I could please God by doing the right things and being a good person. I believed that if something bad was happening to me, it meant that God was punishing me for something. But because of our journey through infertility, I know now that my salvation is secured because of Christ’s sacrifice for me, not because of anything I could do. God is pleased with me in my surrendering to Him above all else. After infertility, I know that though troubles and sorrows may come, God isn’t punishing me. He is drawing me closer! God is gracious, loving and slow to anger. I’ve never felt so close to God!

Leah Moore | Portsmouth, VA – Before Moms in the Making, I had a lot of bitterness built up against women, specifically relationships with ladies from my past in friendships that had gone awry. I was super cautious to have any other friends in general, and when presented with the opportunity, I usually never felt like I could open up or be myself. After Jesus worked on me, granting me inner healing at leader retreat, and through beautiful relationships with ladies through Moms in the Making and my own Moms Made group, that bitterness and heaviness is now gone. I’ve forgiven those women who hurt me in my past and now feel free to be my real self and open up fully in my relationships now. God is so good! Friendships are so important and needed!

Nachali Bakker-Noor | Netherlands – I always thought I would get pregnant quickly due to a pregnancy in my younger years. When this didn’t happen and I needed fertility treatments I was feeling such a heavy heart. Due to infertility I met God and after waiting for so many years during my quiet time He showed me that He removed my broken heavy heart and replaced it with an enlightened heart and that He will do it for me again. 

Nicole Bantleon-Pierce | Green Bay, WI – After we had been trying to grow our family for over a year, I felt so isolated and unseen by the Lord, but I want to testify that He met me during my darkest season and led me to a life-giving, faith-filled community. This journey has transformed my perspective in the best way possible and equipped me to fight my battles differently. -Psalms 46:1, TPT

Sadie Klumb | Mitchell, SD – At the start of my infertility journey, I was super focused on what I thought was the end goal: a baby. But the Lord showed me, through Moms in the Making, that my relationship with Jesus mattered even more than growing my family. While walking this journey, I have learned to trust Him, even when I don’t understand, and that I can find joy in all circumstances.

And for me? Before infertility I was just living for myself and the world. But because of infertility and the desperate situation I found myself in after being told having children would be impossible, I encountered Jesus and the Holy Spirit in a whole new way. I am a completely different person than I was 11 years ago when I started trying to conceive and it truly is such a testimony that when we seek the Lord, He will turn ashes into beauty and work all things together for our good!

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