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Moms in the Making Conference Tickets are on Sale!

I am so excited to announce that tickets for the 2nd Annual Moms in the Making Conference are on SALE! The conference is being held October 12-13 in Dallas, TX and if you are someone who is or has gone through infertility, I want to personally invite you. You might still be in the wait, you might be currently pregnant or you might be what we call a mom made. Perhaps you are seeking medical treatments, adoption, a surrogate or a natural route. No matter what your story is, you are invited!

The conference will consist of speakers, breakthrough sessions, worship, an after-party and will give you a chance to connect with women from all over the world who are also in a wait to be a mom. Below is a snippet of last year’s video, where we had women come from 32 states and 3 countries. Please don’t let distance keep you from coming.

Early Bird ticket prices end on April 14 and this year we are offering VIP tickets. You can purchase tickets and learn more about the conference at our website Also, if you haven’t already, please join the online, private facebook group here.

Moms in the Making Infertility Support Group Dallas Texas (3)

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