More results

Over the past week we have gotten a few more tests back. What started this whole thing was me mentioning to my gyno that I thought I had low progesterone levels (based on blood tests years ago). Well, I got back my blood tests and sure enough my progesterone was low. Also, I got my thyroid results back and everything came back normal. Normal – wow! So great to hear that word. I won’t have to go back for 2 more months where they will then check the prolactin and thyroid levels again. Wahoo for no more doctor appts for me for awhile 🙂

As far as Colby’s results over this past week… the genetic tests came back normal. What a blessing. That was definitely great to hear. However, his FSH levels came back very high and his testosterone came back very low. For now, he will continue taking chlomid until his next SA. The waiting continues….

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