RA #1

We had our first appointment with our RA (Reproductive Acupuncturist). Everything went well and much of what we discussed is the same stuff I had already been researching online and reading in the Infertily Cure book, which I mentioned in one of my recent posts. We went over our general TTC history and our general health, before talking about diet, exercise and vitamins.

Vitamins – She was very impressed with the vitamin cocktail I had researched for C.J. This was a relief to hear, as I was hoping he wasn’t taking anything that would have a negative effect on his body. I’m glad he started taking them almost 6 months ago as it is a 70-90 day cycle for new sperm. So, the changes we make today, we wont notice for 2.5 – 3 months. We discussed the Royal Jelly, Wheat Grass, Gluten-Free and the other lifestyle changes we have both made and she was on board with everything. She suggested another sperm analysis for baseline numbers.C.J and I still need to discuss this more. Since insurance doesn’t pay for it, I almost want to just wait and get one in a few months, but we will see.

Meat – Another thing I’ve been reading a lot about lately is meat and dairy. As I suspected, she recommended an all pasture-raised chicken and egg diet. And for beef, all 100% organic grass-fed. We made this change as of last week, and let me just say that it’s a hard transition financially. Going from being able to find chicken for $2/pound to spending $7/pound is a huge difference. But, we are thankful to have several health food stores within miles of our house that carry these products and after reading and learning, we realize how important it is to buy the highest ranked meat. She confirmed that the amount of hormones that are in commercial chicken are so bad for our bodies. So, C.J and I discussed that we would be creative with our meals and find other things to eat besides chicken all the time (sad face). I’m not a huge fan of beef, but I’m willing to eat it and already had some this week. Maybe the expensive prices will encourage us to watch our portion sizes too 🙂

Dairy – As far as eating dairy while trying to get pregnant, they want you to limit the amount you eat, and only eat 100% full-fat organic. This was another change I knew was coming, but haven’t done it yet. We have been eating a lot of fat-free, plain yogurt. She said I could still have some dairy in moderation, but make sure it’s organic and fully fat loaded!

Cold/Raw Foods I shouldn’t be eating any cold or raw foods, another thing I have been reading up on and been told, but have been in denial about. Everything should be cooked and room temperature  The reason? Otherwise our body spends too much energy breaking down the food and not enough energy working on the reproductive system. And yes, there are certain foods that are considered “warming” and “cooling” foods. I haven’t made the change to not eat those yet, but that will be my next step. And, huge bummer about no raw foods as I LOVE raw veggies. It makes my mouth water as I type. Going forward they will all have to be steamed or sauteed.

New items – Her #1 recommendation that is a must, was eating Congee for breakfast. Apparently this is very important in the acupuncture and fertility world. Who knew?! Again, not a fan of rice, but I’ll do whatever it takes. In addition, she recommended Floradix, an iron supplement. I bought it online last night for $30/bottle and it should be here soon.

BooksThe Infertility Cure book I got from the library was her top choice for the best fertility related book and also mentioned Making Babies. I have reserved a copy at the library for that book!

Other Ramblings – So, she said we are 100% on the right track with all the changes we have already made. We are going to need to be creative with recipes and snack ideas, especially after I cut out the dairy and some of the cooling foods. She confirmed how bad sugar is for sperm (well, I made sure to ask her so C.J. would hear it from someone else other than me). But, other than that we have already made the diet-related changes necessary.

Next up – We get our first treatment on Saturday, the 9th. At that time she will go into more detail with us about all our paperwork. She said she spends hours researching “our” case since each person and couple is so different and will have more suggestions at our next meeting as far as foods and herbs. I will bring my BBT charts with me and each time and we will discuss any other symptoms I’m having (My knee pains, Carpel Tunnel, Disembarkment syndrome) just to name a few 🙂 She said I will definitely notice changes in my cycles as we begin treatments, so I’m excited to see. (No more cramps, yes please)!!!!

My wonderful husband – C.J. has been so supportive and 100% on board with all the changes. No longer is sugar his main food group, but he has made every effort to eat healthy and help me with all the meals and changes. He has been so supportive through all of this!

The really important stuff – When we drove home C.J. and I got to discuss how this isn’t about what we eat or don’t eat. It’s not about what needles she puts in us and in what location of our bodies she puts them. Ultimately, we believe God is our healer. Right now, He is leading us to seek things holistically. He is providing us the finances to buy the foods and do the treatments. He is providing us the RA who will guide us with our treatments and give us wisdom on our diets. But, the lifestyle changes and the acupuncture aren’t what will bring us a baby. It’s Him. We got to pray together after and our hope is that we can use our situation to bring all glory to Him, and one day, we will be able to show off our baby(ies) and tell the world what a miracle He has blessed us with. To Him be the glory!

  • nogoodeggs
    Posted at 01:30h, 31 January Reply

    Glad you appointment went well! I had a lot of similar recommendations from my acupuncturist. Mainly eat seaweed, no cold beverages (yea right, I am going through menopause at 25 = I need ice!), no raw veggies, and all organic meat and dairy. At first I put soooo much pressure on myself to do all of these changes immeadiatly. Then, I realized that that was overwhelming. So, I did what worked for me and my life (lots of acupuncture and buying organic) and left what did not work. There was no way I would survive hot flashes without cold drinks! And raw veggies are healthy, so I kept those1 My point is, don’t put too much pressure on yourself to be perfect! Do what makes sense and works for you and your hubby!

  • Haley A Hilton
    Posted at 03:53h, 31 January Reply

    Good recommendations! I agree, don’t be too hard on yourself! You guys are awesome!

  • Perfect Power in Weakness
    Posted at 02:03h, 02 February Reply

    Wow- your RA sounds amazing. What a great resource and tool you’re able to use. So glad to hear hubby is on board with the changes. What a team effort you are both making health wise. Most of all, I love your last paragraph and focus on the Ultimate Healer and Creator of life. Prayers for Him to work through all of the changes and sacrifices you’re making.

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