SA #2

C.J and I just got back from his second SA (semen analysis) appointment. While we were in the waiting room, the nurse said to us, “Good news… they are BACK.”

We met with the doctor and he was just as elated as we were. C.J’s count is now at 200,000. Of course, that sounds like a lot (and yes, we have been saying we only need one), but he let us know it was still not enough to have a baby naturally. IUI (a less expensive and less invasive option) still wouldn’t work, but the sperm were motile and healthy enough for IVF. They were not freezable and he let us know that things could go back down over the months.

C.J and I of course are very happy with the news today, but know that this journey is no where near to being over. Right now, we want to continue to take the medicine and pray that more sperm are produced. In order to do IUI, we would need about 2 million, and a normal count to have a baby naturally is 24 million. We are at peace with where we are at in the process and are not seeking out IVF doctors or other alternatives. We know that God’s hands are bigger then what is considered “normal”.

Today we are giving all praise to God. I was a little frustrated leaving the doctor, because he focused on the medical side of things (understandably), where as we want to focus on the spiritual side and remain hopeful in the power that God is bigger then what the doctors tell us. Please pray that we wouldn’t get caught up in the statistics, but focus on the good future God has promised us.

Prayers needed:
Continued production of healthy sperm.
Guidance on seeking out medicine, doctors and procedures as well as wisdom on timing.
We would continue to seek Him on this journey and He would continue to strengthen us with faith and hope.

Thanks for your continued prayers and support. We will go back again in a month for another SA and will update everyone then.

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  • Erin
    Posted at 22:26h, 07 May Reply

    Praying Praying. How awesome is it that there are 200,000?! Don’t forget about the statistics that the doctors gave Kelly. He is so much bigger than scientific stats. That’s the cool part. Love you!

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