SA #3…. and other news

I’m going to make this post all facts and not get my emotions involved. Here are 3 updates

-Colby’s test – 0 sperm. He is going to stop taking the medicine for now.

-Colby’s appointment – Discussed prior blood tests. Doctor was most concerned about my FSH, which is high, indicating a biological age of 35. Next steps for me for now are nothing. When/if I decide to go in again, I will be put on medicine to reduce my thyroid levels and if IVF ever becomes an option for us, they will do various tests to see if I am a good candidate.

-Work news – Colby applied for a new position in his company in March of 2011. After months of waiting and thinking we had a 5% of getting a call for the upcoming government training class, he received a call (while at the doctor) confirming the start date of July 5. He will be in Brunswick, GA until January 5th.

What does this all mean? We don’t know. More updates to come later…


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