Moms in the Making Conference (46)

Thank You Moms in the Making Sponsors

Wow! We owe a big thank you to so many people who helped with the Moms in the Making conference. People donated their time, their talent, their gifts and their money. And it took every person that helped to make it all happen.

We also owe a very big thank you to all of our our sponsors. As you can probably imagine, putting on a 2-day, 10-hour event takes a lot of money. However, we had so many amazing sponsors which helped us go above and beyond with all the detail. I have outlined all of the below and I hope you take the time to check out each of them. If you click on their names, it will take you to their website where you can learn more. Thanks again sponsors!

Moms in the Making Conference (46)

Moms in the Making Conference (46) Moms in the Making Conference (46)



The Stork OTC is a uniquely designed innovative device you use at home, during ovulation, to assist your chances of becoming pregnant. It’s an FDA–cleared, over-the-counter device which uses cervical cap insemination. This smart technique enables the sperm to quickly bypass the vaginal tract and places the sperm as close as possible to the opening of the cervix, right where it needs to be to swim up through.

The Stork Image


Over 30 years ago, two licensed pharmacists in Charleston, S.C. compounded Flanders Buttocks Ointment. Since their inception, they have relied on the effectiveness of our product to grow our business via word of mouth referrals and professional recommendations. The product is now available to virtually any pharmacy in the country.
Flanders Buttocks Cream




The fertility specialists and clinical care team at IVFMD have devoted years to fine-tuning treatment protocols, balancing basic care with advanced fertility treatments while ensuring that we can offer affordable reproductive medicine to all hopeful parents-to-be in Dallas-Fort Worth. Should I mention they also gave every attendee 1,000 voucher towards IVF AND give away one FREE IVF CYCLE!

New Life North Texas

For Pro-Life Women’s Healthcare and Fertility Care in North Texas, trust Dr. Michael Jones and staff.  From your routine annual gynecological exams to experienced obstetrics, infertility care and NaProTECHNOLOGY—Dr. Jones and staff provide state-of-the-art women’s wellness.

 Dallas IVF

Dallas fertility center providing the highest quality care to patients who seek them out from Dallas, Plano, Frisco and all across North Texas.

DFW Fertility Associates

Lleading-edge infertility treatment delivered by a caring, compassionate team. Their world-class reproductive endocrinologists dedicate themselves to helping resolve even the most complicated male and female infertility conditions.

Fertility IQ

Fertility Information contributed by both patients and doctors

National Embryo Donation Center

Country’s leading comprehensive non-profit embryo donation program

Jana Rupow

A licensed counselor in Dallas, TX, offering counseling services locally and internationally via Skype.

A Lamp for my Feet

Personalized Bible verse cards small enough to take anywhere for encouragement anytime

Amateur Nester

Christian encouragement during infertility

The Anahera Project

Miscarriage Support

Bloom Essentials

Fertility Body Care & Wellness

Jacob Grapevine

Dentist in Plano, TX

Atrio Hill

Christian Gifts

Do you want to find out more about Moms in the Making? Head on over to the website, for more details!

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