National Infertility Awareness Week What we want you to know about infertility moms in th emaking

What We Want You to Know About Infertility

It’s time for my 7th annual National Infertility Awareness Week collaborative post. This year I asked the Moms in the Making support group leaders what they wanted you to know about infertility, and their answers are below. We hope these answers bless you and remind you to keep your focus on Him! And we hope if you haven’t already found a community to get plugged into, we hope you join Moms in the Making.

What we want you to know about infertility National Infertility Awareness Week moms in the making

What We Want You to Know About Infertility

What we want you to know about infertility is….

Abby Garcia | Slidell, LA – It is the most challenging thing I’ve ever lived through, but it brought me closer to God and through that process I could heal my heart and life, and also a lot of beautiful friendships were added on the way.

Alexis Inderbitzin | Celina, TX – Infertility is part of your story but it’s not what defines you. God can and will use your story for His glory. I never could’ve imagined this is the road I would’ve walked the last two and a half years but when I surrendered to my plans and the bitterness I was holding on to God opened so many doors, including Moms in the Making. I always say this isn’t a journey I would’ve chosen to be on but it’s brought me the closest relationship I’ve ever had with Jesus, amazing friends that understand what walking this road is like and a opportunity to share my testimony in a way I never thought I would. Life is hard sometimes but God is always the same good God. He is writing your story and your miracle is in motion!

Alice Swain | Scottland – You can still have a fun, fulfilling and fruitful marriage in the wait. When waiting to become a mom there is a huge amount of pressure put on your marriage and the intimacy you share but don’t neglect your marriage; keep loving, laughing and talking together and keep Christ at the center because it makes all the difference.

Alicia Zapata-Couret | Ft Myers, FL – Even though it is the hardest thing to walk through, I have learned my identity is not to be labeled to it. I want people to know that you are a child of God and He will bring beauty from the pain of infertility. God is making you new through the journey to motherhood. 

Amanda Recarey | Kissimmee, FL – It is not a death sentence. There is life after infertility, this is just a bump in the road but it will add to your story. 

Amber Strealy | Corpus Christi, TX – You don’t have to do this alone! Infertility is HARD, but with Moms in the Making, you can connect to other women who truly understand.

Amy Benson | Sheyenne, ND – The first years were really hard but the wait has changed everything. I would not know Papa God as THE gift.

Angela Lee | Camden, SC – You aren’t alone. You don’t have to walk in shame or feel like things have to be hidden because there is a whole community of people that are cheering you on! I have found my best friends in this beautiful community!

Bailey Myers | Russell, PA – Infertility is hard and a sensitive subject. It can be very isolating. Many people suffer alone but you don’t have to!

Beth Cacciapalle | Clinton Township, MI – It looks different for everyone and each of us process and handle it differently. But God is so good and He is in every detail. He has used this journey to heal me in so many unexpected ways. What God has done for one, He will do for another!

Britni Mazur | Cold Lake, Alberta – This is not the end. God is bigger than any diagnosis spoken over you. God has promised us that we are blessed mothers of children (Psalm 113:9) and He is faithful to keep that promise (1 Thessalonians 5:24).

Brittany Mulinix | London, OH – Even though it is a journey I wouldn’t want anyone to have to experience, it has brought me some of the best relationships – my husband, Jesus and true friends. If I never went through infertility I don’t think I would be at the place I am at with my faith and connection to God. Infertility has also taught me to not take anything in life for granted, there is so much to be thankful for!

Brooke Simkins | Orland Park, IL – It doesn’t limit God from still doing immeasurably more than we ask or think. Though this season has been incredibly difficult, God continues to show up and work things out for good.

Cassidy Cranford | Elmore City, OK – You are never alone. There is always someone walking beside you that wants to help support you. You are stronger than you know, and you will successfully climb the mountain! 

Cristina Petty | La Mirada, CA – It is hard and can feel lonely if you are not connected to a support group that will make you feel like family. 

Dalia Uribe | Monterrey, Mexico – Even in the midst of the trial there is hope. You can live with hope and joy… just let Jesus guide you in this process.

Danika Turcotte | Alna, ME – Even on your hardest, darkest days God sees you, loves you, and has a beautiful plan amidst the chaos. He is working all things for your good and His glory. 

Hannah McDaniel | Blue Springs, MO – Although it can be devastatingly difficult and isolating to go through, you are never alone. God will restore and heal every aspect that infertility will try to take from you. We can choose to not stay in disappointment and walk in His truth. His promises are true and worth the wait!

Jacquie Tilma | Wake Forest, NC – It does not define you. While it may seem like it has become your entire life, it isn’t. Proactively find things about your life that you love, that you are grateful for–even if it is just the smallest thing. And remember that God’s plans for you are good and not to harm you. He will redeem this time in your life if you trust in Him.

Jordyn Smith | Fall City, WA – It does not define you.

Kaitlyn Kusky | Ft. Myers, FL – You are not defined by your infertility. The doctors never have the final say. There’s always hope no matter how dark the road may seem and miracles happen each and every day.

Katie Tsiao | Colorado Springs, CO – God will redeem what has been lost. It may not be clear in the moment how God will do that but He promises that He will!

Katie White | Chillicothe, OH – You don’t have to experience it alone and it does not define you. God gives us our identify as His daughter and seeking Him will provide you with an abundance of hope and joy. 

Katt Tibbitts | Surprise, AZ – Some days will feel really hard and dark, but God’s faithfulness will always shine through In ways you could never imagine.

Kim Marin | North Richland Hills, TX – I would not wish it on anyone, as it can be very painful, however I am so thankful for the journey it has brought me on. It has strengthened my dependance on the Father and it has allowed me to be able to minister to others. It also has given the opportunity for my husband and I to grow closer and fulfill dreams we had that we otherwise would not be able to do.

Leah Moore | Portsmouth, VA – It doesn’t define you. You are a beautiful child of God with a plan and a purpose for your life and infertility may just be a short chapter of your life’s book and not the title. 

Lindsay Tankersley | Cincinnati, OH – That it’s hard but you can find hope in Jesus. You dont have to suffer alone, there is community available. You are not your diagnosis and that Jesus can heal all and bless you abundantly more than expected. 

Mary Fish | Mount Gilead, NC – Even know its the hardest thing I have every been through it has brought so much growth in my walk with God. I am stronger in my faith and pushing in for more of Him and I am not even the same person that started this journey all those years ago. I know who I am in Christ and that has been worth it all. 

Nicole Bantleon-Pierce | Green Bay, WI – It has been one of the most challenging and rewarding journeys I have ever been on. The Lord took one of the darkest seasons of my life and turned it for good! I am forever grateful for the beautiful friendships that I’ve gained along the way through Moms in the Making and the opportunity to minister to others by leading locally. God is SO good! 

Rachel Strickland | Dunn, NC – It sucks… it’s real, but it is not your identity! God is so much bigger than infertility and He has so much good in store and wants desperately to be near you on this journey if you let Him.

Rachel Ratledge | Hickory, NC – It is not your fault, you are not broken, it does not define you, and God will use it. Remember that He wouldn’t have placed the desire to be a mother in your heart if He wasn’t planning on fulfilling it. He is faithful. Lean into him and into your spouse, it will all be worth it. And always place Him over any diagnosis, treatment, doctors etc. He is greater.

Shanua Stobbs-Bultema | Bradenton, FL – God is Bigger! He will work this struggle for good because he is faithful! God has planted the desire to be a mom on your heart and therefore will see it to completion. 

Stephanie Zimmerman | Sun Prairie, WI – It is a hard and long journey. However, it has presented the opportunity to weed out the things in my heart that shouldn’t have been there and replace them with the peace and joy that only Jesus can provide when He is your all in all.

And what I want you to know about infertility? I shared a long list of my thoughts here.

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