Why I Don’t Talk About Infertility

If you know me in person then it probably doesn’t come as a surprise to you that I talk a lot. I’m loud and talk even when it’s not my turn. I have no secrets. I say what I think and share how I feel. I tell it how it is and don’t hold anything back.

But, it is very rare that I talk about infertility. In fact, it is very rare that I talk about any other hardship either.

But there is a reason! There is a reason I don’t talk about infertility.

As much as there has been speculation, it’s not because I am in denial. But it’s because I will become what I behold and I will reap a harvest of the very seeds that I have planted.

Is infertility part of my story? Absolutely! Does it deserve to be the focus of my story? Absolutely not.

I could share stats. I could focus on how it’s changed me and effected me. I could focus on everything negative, but why? Why would I behold something that deserves no attention at all?

The enemy loves to distract. He comes in like a lion, ready to kill, steal and destroy. He knows how to deceive and manipulate. And he’s currently winning so many battles because He has gotten men and women to take their eyes off of God, and put it on the attention of sickness, diagnosis or problem instead. Of course that can’t happen without God’s sons and daughters inviting him in, which I myself absolutely refuse to do.

I won’t focus on anything other than Father! I won’t behold anything or anyone else but Him. I refuse to focus on the hardships in front of me.

Which is why I rarely talk about infertility.

You will become what you behold. If all you behold are your problems, whether it be infertility, or something else completely different, you will become just that. If the only seeds you plant are medical stats, your issues and your feelings, then you will reap a harvest that is indicative of that too. That harvest? It won’t look like Jesus at all.

It’s time we shut the door to the enemy and behold Jesus. He deserves to be what we talk about and who we focus on.

What have you turned your attention to? Have you given your problem more attention than the word of God? What do you spend your time focusing on or talking about and what are you beholding?

If you are going through infertility, please head over to join the faith-based support group I founded, Moms in the Making!

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  • Jessica Mudri
    Posted at 04:05h, 28 December Reply

    This is really difficult for me, and also really encouraging…! i think we have some similarities… 7 years now ttc here, but for our third, although now 4th baby… we have 2 sons easily conceived and joyfully birthed.. they are 10 and 8. and then…. nothing… come to find i have severe endometriosis, pcos, and some MF issues we have recently unearthed… however i feel/have felt like i HAVE to give this my focus, because God wants us to have babies and if we just need help, then i need to act because i am 35, and i don’t want to wait till it is too late… but the last 18 months have been so dedicated to this… and we did conceive! but sadly lost that little ivf babe at 15 weeks. and this is what i needed to read… i needed to read that i need to NOT give this my priority… We fought against IVF for so long, but it is what we are facing save for a miracle… and how i pray for that… What if though… what if our miracle is through ivf again.. we only got the one embryo, so we have been waiting in faith for a miracle between surgery and appointments and tests, and if i have to do IVF again, then i am ready. But you are SO RIGHT. i have to take back the power and make sure its stays with God. Thank you x

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