Our 1st Triathlon Relay

Our First Triathlon Relay

Our 1st Triathlon Relay

Colby and I competed in our first triathlon relay on Labor Day with Tri-now! While Colby does one triathlon every year with my family, the majority of the time he comes along to be my chauffeur, cheerleader, photographer and well, spectator! But this race, we decided to do together.

We are usually traveling for Labor Day but since we were in town, I decided last minute we should sign up. Because we signed up the week before and there was no way I wanted to do the 15 mile bike ride, I convinced Colby to do it for me and he said yes!

The good part about the race was it started later in the morning because there was a kids triathlon beforehand so we got to sleep until 7. The bad about the race was it started later and it was so so so so hot!

As I say with most races, I wasn’t ready for this race. I hadn’t swam at all since my aquathlon, which was over a month ago, and I hadn’t ran more than a mile since that same race either.

The swim actually went pretty well and I decided to just take my time and breathe every stroke. I passed several people in the first lane and after that didn’t see too many people, which worked out great for me. When I got to the transition Colby was taking pictures of me, ha! He is never in a hurry!

Our 1st Triathlon Relay

The bike course was three laps and I got to see Colby on each lap to cheer him on. Once he got to transition I got the time chip from him and started running. By this time it was probably around 10:30am and already very hot outside! Halfway through the course they had wet paper towels, which really helped.

Our 1st Triathlon Relay

My 300m swim was 5:49 and my 5K run was 28 minutes which is actually very fast for me. Usually I can’t even make a 30 minute 5K. Colby did great on the 15 mile bike and overall we got 3rd place with a time of 1:30:25. We only missed 2nd place by 17 seconds.

I think Colby appreciated getting to participate in the race and not just watch the whole time and I got to gain the perspective of what it’s like to sit and wait, patiently! I’ll be curious to see if we ever do one again, but if it were my vote, I hope we do.

Our 1st Triathlon Relay Our 1st Triathlon Relay Our 1st Triathlon Relay

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