Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno

Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno

Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Mizuno. The opinions and text are all mine.

I don’t know about you, but as much as I love working out I just do not like the winter. Like at all! I work out every day and I use the term “working out” very loosely. Working out to me can mean several different things like going on a walk. But it can also be doing a weight class at the gym or swimming or biking or whatever just gets me moving. For someone like me who sits all day on a computer, it’s important that I stay active.

Well, the temperatures finally dropped in Dallas and it is cold! Just yesterday I debating skipping my workout because I was dreading leaving the house. Does anyone else struggle with this? But you know what I have learned? The only thing I will ever regret when it comes to working out is the work out that I didn’t do.

Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno

Immediately when I got to the gym I was so thankful I went. If I were to be really honest with you, my new Mizuno Wave Rider 21 shoes motivated me to get there. Who doesn’t love new workout attire? This is my second time to wear a pair of Mizuno shoes and I just love them. I used to be loyal to Adidas but now that I have Mizuno I will never go back. The fit is amazing and the comfort is perfect. I have worn them walking, running, to lift weights, and to do the other classes at the gym and they are comfortable no matter what I am doing in them. They support me in running, whether inside on the treadmill or outside on pavement. And when it comes to working out, I am super picky about being as comfortable as possible so I can meet the goal I make for the day and these Mizuno running shoes have helped me do just that.

My encouragement to you to stay fit during the winter? Get a comfortable pair of shoes and get moving. Don’t let weather deter you from moving. In my opinion the only excuse should be sickness. Start by making one small goal every day. Think small because if you think big you will just be overwhelmed. Know that every step you take throughout the day will add up. 1 mile makes a difference. And 1 mile will turn into 2 and 2 into 3. The same goes for weights. Start somewhere. Start lifting 5 pound weights for biceps and soon add in other muscle groups. Or maybe, get a Fitbit like I have and make a daily goal step. Start with 5,000 steps a day and slowly increase. You would be amazed at how quickly it will add up. If you are in a corporate setting, you can even bring a pair of Mizuno’s with you to work and take breaks and go make a lap around the building or in the lobby. Before you know it all those small breaks will turn into 3 miles. If you are at home, one of my favorite workouts is Fitness Blender because you can personalize them based on the time you have and intensity you want. If you are a beginner start with the intensity of 1 for 20 minutes.

Your goals will be different than my goals, but I want to remind you that your health matters and that includes not only what you put in your body but also your level of activity. Don’t let excuses prevent you from feeling the best you can. If me, the warm-weather addict who doesn’t like the temperature to be below 70 degrees, can make a point to get moving every day during the winter, than I bet you can too.

Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno Staying Fit During the Winter with Mizuno

What do you do to stay active in the winter? Have you ever tried Mizuno running shoes?

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