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Guest Post: Encouragement from a Mother Who Has Lost a Child

Encouragement from a Mother Who has lost a child - in due time blogIf you are new to this space, then something you might not know is that my 2 year old nephew passed away from brain cancer back in 2014. His parents, my brother and sister-in-law, have handled it with a tremendous amount of strength and grace. They have maintained a positive attitude and continued to serve and love others so well. I reached out to my sister-in-law to see if she would share a post and she said yes! Although loss is not an easy topic, I believe one that needs to be addressed. Today my sister-in-law is sharing about Kai, who is now in heaven, and what she appreciates that others do, to honor him. You can read more about Kai on her blog Love Wins.

*Update* This was written + scheduled before Hurricane Harvey. Being that we are both from Texas our condolences go out to those who have been affected by the storm. We do not want to be insensitive to what you might be going through and our hearts + prayers go out to you.

Encouragement from a Mother Who Has Lost a Child

I have a dresser: IKEA Hemnes, versatile, brown/black, and super quick assembly time with minimal parts (note sarcasm).  This dresser… it’s Kai’s dresser. It sits in his room that is now shared with his new baby sister who will never meet him here on earth. Kai’s dresser hasn’t been moved, and it still has the same clothes in it since the day he went to Heaven over 3 years ago. The dresser hasn’t sat idle though. His clothes have been worn by his middle sister Maya and scattered about his room a million times by same said middle sister who saw it as a treasure trove of dress up clothes when she was younger. Each time, I put them back just like I used to, in the same order. There is some comfort in that.

Kai Love Wins

But, I can’t take the clothes out for good – not even when I knew we would bring a new baby into his room. I just can’t. Not yet.

I’m not sure why I feel this way. Other moms I’ve talked to have boxed up all of their child’s clothes immediately. I also remember talking with a mom who couldn’t watch videos of her child, but for me at that moment I needed to see Kai’s videos. In these conversations, the uniqueness of how each person copes is evident, but even if we are navigating the pain differently, we can still be in the journey together and not feel so alone.

In any challenge you may feel like no one understands you and may even wonder if even God has gone silent. But He hasn’t. God is near to the brokenhearted (Psalm 34:18) and we are called to be courageous and be willing to walk with each other through the hard and messy places.

Kai Love Wins In Due Time Blog

So I encourage you not to be afraid to walk with someone amidst pain. Have courage to say “I know I may not be able to understand how this feels for you, but I see that you’re hurting and I’m here for you.” It may feel awkward, the response may be awkward, but simply acknowledging what someone is going through is powerful. And if the situation is because of a loss of a child, it’s ok to say the child’s name. While I realize there may be some who may not want this, what I’ve found more often than not is that those who have lost someone they love almost crave to hear someone else say the person’s name, to remember their loved one. For my husband and I, when someone tells us they were thinking of Kai or something reminded them of Kai it lifts our heart so much. It is a gift to be able to talk about our son.

One thing that has become so clear in these years since we lost Kai is that we all have our stories – stories of loss, challenges, and suffering. So let’s open our hearts, lend a hand, and help lift each other up as we walk the journey together.

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  • Joy Fel
    Posted at 09:14h, 01 September Reply

    Thank you! For sharing your heart and a little picture of what grief can look like. We lost a baby last year and at times I have struggled with how to grieve without losing the grace as well. We are now expecting another baby and the due date was originally right on the date we lost our first. And I was mad, because that is Baby Blessings day, it’s the day I remember that baby and I don’t want to share it with a new baby. Sounds crazy but that is me.
    So thank you for sharing that grief is different for everyone and we all walk it at a different pace.

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